Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy 설날!!! - 2/22/15

So it was just Chinese New Years here (or as we call it Lunar New Years) and we had a great time! We had the blessing of having a zone conference on the actual day of 설날 (pronounced Solar Or Solal) and we had to sessions.  The first session it was wonderful to be able to watch Meet the Mormons with many of our missionaries here in the mission and hear the wonderful stories of 6 members from around the world that are living their faith in a variety of capacities.  Semi-professional MMA fighter, Navy football team coach, or just a mom.  We felt the Spirit strongly, even some people unto tears as they watched these people live our faith.  IT was wonderful!  Afterwards, we talked about the book of Mormon in upcoming prep for this next months mission focus.  We also watched a movie called A New Day for the Book of Mormon.  I highly recommend this for everyone, it's just interesting.  Super cool!  After that president talked with us about the Social Media and other efforts going on to bring more people into the fold.  Then he said from the pulpit "The time for fishing with nets came and past, we all know we are hunters.  And with Social Media, the time for the gathering is soon coming."  Whoa President!  Heavy words man! You can't just drop that on some missionaries who are trying to do the Lords work!  The mission was abuzz after that. Haah  The rest of the day we spent working trying to talk to people and get them to stop, unfortunately, it was new years and so everyone was bustling around not caring about the missionaries.  So we worked hard anyways!

This week I have been studying Isaiah a little bit and read a wonderful scripture that I felt summed up quite a bit of things:

For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

Isaiah 5:25.  How God feels is incredible, he may be angry with us and upset with all of the actions and choices we have made in life, but his hand is STILL outstretched, waiting to help us.  I talked to a man on  the street yesterday and told him this quote and it really hit him in a way that I couldn't have imagined.  He was holding a 40oz. and was slightly buzzed, but knew what I was talking about. I testified of Gods love for him and he was astounded!  Elder Day was freaked when I quoted Isaiah to this guy, but it worked out well!  

Well, this week has been good.  Elder Day and I are working hard and trying to find some people to teach.  We have been praying hard and really striving to find people.  He's a great companion and loves to learn and is open to correction and to being told how to be the best missionary.  He's great to at being honest and open with stuff that he feels like is going right or wrong.  

Anyways I'm done rambling for this week.  Thanks for praying for the missionaries and for the strength to keep on.  You would think that after over a year in the field that it just gets easy and that we don't have many troubles getting out and working.  But it's tough each and every day to get out of the house and find the Lords children to teach.  So thank you for your prayers!!!  Continue to do it!  We love you!!!


Elder Yamagata

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