Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hey Yalls! 11/30/14

So, not much has actually happened this week.  We are having our first snow today and it is awesome!  Elder Garff doesn't like the snow and so hes a little glum, but whatever, I'm having a blast! 

As far as anything new or special.  Well we rode in a Cop 2x three days ago, very fun!  We were less active hunting, ran in to a crazy man, dragged us into his house, then when we told him we were there trying to find someone he pulled us out and then walked us to the police station!  Me and Elder Garff were definitely freaked out, we have heard of stories of people being arrested for proselyting.  They brought the car out front and told us to go outside and then into the car.  They then took us to the apartment complex that we were looking for!  About 2 km away it would have taken us a while to walk there but they were super nice and took us!  We got out and thanked them and then proceeded up the hill to the apartments, super sketchy.  We looked for the place for about 10 minutes when to our surprise, the cops are back.  They usher us into the car again and then take us down the hill down another km and back up another hill, telling us the other place was wrong and that this is the right place!  Super nice of them to do that for us!  

We also spent our thanksgiving together as a district and shared things that we are grateful for, stories, etc.  We pooled food and bought some pizza, fried chicken, and some baked goods from Paris Baguette.  It was a wonderful once in a lifetime experience to be here with these awesome missionaries sharing this time together.  

We also got a new missionary this week who is super fun and just like me, but korean.  Elder Bae Joong Soo has joined us in stead of elder Mumford and he is a blast.  We look forward to serving with him.  

I also had somewhat of an epiphany this week, when your mad, telling the person that your mad or upset at sometimes helps.  Not in a bad or mean way, but simply stating it.  That way the other knows that your upset and now you can try to figure out why, and fix it.  Something that I have definitely learned with Elder Garff and that has helped us tremendously.  Whenever I am mad, I just say it, immediately we drop what we are doign and try to fix the problem.  Being mad doesnt help the spirit, and so we try to fix the situation immediately so that we can bring the Spirit back into our companioship.  And it works!  After about 2 minutes we usually figure out what it is, get rid of it or fix it, and we are 10x better on the other side!  Something to keep in mind when your a little angry or upset!

Well sorry for the lack of spiritual things this week!  We really didnt have much that happened this week.  Well actually, I got to bless the sacrament for the first time since coming to country on sunday and it was amazing!  I remember doing it ay home, except when I knelt down this time I was filled with the gift of tongues and was able to recite perfectly the prayer on the water.  Super fun and very amazing and spiritual experience.  Always live worthy!

여러분 사랑하고 좋은 주를 됬어요!!!

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