Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Family Love! 2/8/15

Hey family!  Hope this week has been going well for you!  Some cool things have happened this week.  I studied a great talk this week by President Ezra Taft Benson called Jesus Christ - Gifts and Expectations.  It was really good and made me think about what I need to be doing to give something to Christ.  A small little excerpt of this really stuck out to me as I studied this week:

Said President Brigham Young, “I have heard a great many tell about what they have suffered for Christ’s sake. I am happy to say I never had occasion to. I have enjoyed a great deal, but so far as suffering goes I have compared it a great many times, in my feelings and before congregations, to a man wearing an old, worn-out, tattered and dirty coat, and somebody comes along and gives him one that is new, whole and beautiful. This is the comparison I draw when I think of what I have suffered for the Gospel’s sake—I have thrown away an old coat and have put on a new one.”

 What a great comparison for the gospel.  We are taking off the old coats of our old selves and replacing them with new coats that Christ is giving us for the small token of following Him.  What a great gift that he has given us.  Another thing that stuck out to me was this quote:

But just as when one loses his life in the service of God,he really finds the abundant life, so also when one sacrifices all to God, then God in return shares all that He has with him.
Try as you may, you cannot put the Lord in your debt.For every time you try to do His will, He simply pours out more blessings upon you. Sometimes the blessings may seem to be a little slow in coming—perhaps this tests your faith—but come they will, and abundantly. It has been said, “Cast your bread upon the waters and after a while it shall come back to you toasted and buttered.”
I think I have tried a good many a time to put the Lord in my debt, and I can tell you personally it doesn't work.  We always end up being in debt to the great Redeemer of the World!  It was super powerful to read that and understand just a little more how much Jesus Christ does for us.  We could never repay him even if we tried.  Super great!  

Something else that happened this week, I got sick!  Nothing too bad just a little stomach problem on Firday.  But while I was sick I had the opportunity to hear a talk from Elder Neal A Maxwell called the Inexhaustible Gospel.  highly recommend that!  Won't spoil it, it's just really good!

This week when collecting stats I had the opportunity to call each member of my district and see how their week was. Normally this isn't the case in our mission as our leaders just want stats and then they figure out everything else later though.  This week I made them wait as I called all of them and found out how they were doing and really looked into their areas and saw if there was anything that I could do to help them.  And, funnily enough, when I did that, it worked really well and I was able to help my district in a way that I was never able to before!    Sister Ness really opened up to me and asked ways to do better even when they have no investigators.  Didn't know they were having that problem and so it was cool to help them.  I was really happy that I had the inspiration to do that.  

Heavenly Father has really been giving me a lot of inspiration in my prayers lately of things that I need to keep in mind as I go about his work.  Something that I want to share with all of you is what President Monson said from a couple of conferences ago: Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.

I have learned of the truthfulness of that quote yesterday as me and Elder Manwaring got into an argument, because I allowed a problem to be solved become more important than my own companion who was having a little problem.  It didn't matter how small it was, he needed my help and I needed to be there for him. Eventually all the problems were solved, and that's the quote that came into my head as I prayed about it.  So remember that family, and live that every single day and I can promise that you will be happier!  This is what I leave with you this week.  May the Lord bless you!

Elder Yamagata

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