Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Merry Christmas! Its only 361 days away! And Happy New Year! 12/28/14

Wow what a week!  I am exhausted beyond belief, too many things happened at once and now its all coming back on me!  Ill focus on the best parts! 

Really the best part of it was the Christmas party that we had with our ward! WE had a lot of games and food, music and laughter!  But the best part of it was finishing with a singing of Silent night, watching He's the Gift, and then praying together as a branch.  What a wonderful and spiritually uplifting experience.  It brought tears to many eyes, including mine!  Afterwards, some of the members brought small gifts for everyone, all the missionaries got socks!  Haha just what we needed!  Later on we caroled to one of our older members (even though all of us were dead, service@!!!!! doing the work of the Lord actually brings more strength!) who couldn't come to the party because he was sick.  Then at night we all caroled out at the park near our church, I was dressed as Santa still so then I took some pictures with the kids and then we had a huge miracle of seeing one of the other elders investigators at the park whom he hadn't seen in over a month!  Luckily for us we saw him and were able to set a street appointment!  So great!  Fried Chicken for dinner and finally watched the Christmas devotional as a district.  I was moved to tears on several occasions as the Spirit overcame me and filled with me with such joy and love as never to be felt before.  Especially when we ended our Christmas party, Elder Garff testified about Christ and about families, and then I testified about Love and Christ and how we are all one big family.  It was extremely wonderful!  Then after our watching the devotional, we decided to say a district prayer together.  During the prayer I thought about how unworthy we are to have Christ.  How we are the dust of the earth, which dust we dont own, yet we mean the world to him, and Heavenly Father.  I was overcome by the Spirit as I felt his love not just for me but for everyone of us and the stewardships that we held.  I could feel his love pour into the hearts of all of us.  I loved it and we all basically floated home on a cloud of happiness.  

Then on sunday the spirit continuted to flow as the Primary children had their performance and reminded us that families can be together forever.  What an outstanding message, and the voices werent too bad either. We had branch council, where the members told us that we were basically members of the branch and that we couldnt leave, they were going to as kpresident for us to stay haha.  We also realized that president has only 6 months left in his mission here, sooooo scary!  Crazy to think that he is leaving soon too!  WE will definitely miss him!

Well Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy new year too!!!!! I love all of you sooo much and I hope you remembered the real reason for the season, which is Christ Jesus.  I love this work, and the gospel of Christ, and the opportunity each and every one of us has to live forever, as a family with our children spouses and parents, with our Heavenly father.  I know this is the true church of Christ and that only through the laws and ordinances of the gospel can we truly be saved in the celestial kingdom of our Father. 

예수 그리스도의 이름으로 간정드립니다, 아멘.

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