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Heyooo! Spirit Inbound! 11/9/14

Anyeong Chingudul!!!! (worst romanization ever!  Seen in the Liahona...)

Sorry the picture won't attach - means "Hello friends!"

Hows everyone doing??

Hope everyone had a great week!  My week was fantabulous thanks for asking!

So Im gonna cut to it!  I dont want to waste time!  This week was super crazy!


Wednesday was my first zone training in this zone so we took the bus to the chapel (1 1/2 hoours later) we arrive in DongHae for training.  We learned about the Power of the Spirit in conversion.  Super exciting.  I was kinda drab though when we first started learning all of this stuff for some reason I wasnt feeling the Spirit that well so I started writing down possible reasons and such on the side of my notebook and praying really intently for the Spirit to come back so that I could  really learn from it.  I came to learn very quickly that our mood DOES affect the spirit.  The moment I decided to stop being sour and start being happy is when I started learning a lot and feeling the presence of the Spirit again.  It was a small, but powerful lesson that I had to learn the hard way.  After that experience, I had a great zone training and learned a lot about the Spirit in ours and others conversions!  Later on we visited a member there in the hospital.  I had a prompting that we had to leave, NOW!  Our bus was almost here and about to leave!  Luckily Elder Perry had the same feeling and so we quickly ended our meeting with her and booked it about a mile to the bus stop where the bus was about to leave!  I stalled the driver by getting on and starting to work my way towards the back while he was asking for my ticket, then everyone else bought tickets quick (including mine) and got on the bus too, it worked out just perfectly!  Last bus of the night to get home and we had a fun ride back discussing what we had learned that day!  

On Sunday we had church and everything as usual and then after church had our Lunch together with the Branch.  Afterwards is where somethings changed.  Two members Kim Gye Sook and Bak Bak Gyung Mi stayed and talked with us for quite a while.  We know they needed it so we didnt mind staying and chatting with them.  We talked about a variety of things, including how we propose in america and in Korea (btw they propose by saying "do you want to eat breakfast with me?" or "Have my kids" very weird).  Afterwards though, me and Elder Garff got into a slight disagreement about what we should do for the rest of the day, but we quickly got the situation under control and brought the Spirit back into our companionship (he sahred with me something that I told him last week when we got into another slight disagreement about something, that I dont do anything in my companionship until I have the spirit, so if we are arguing we arent doing anything till we get the Spirit back, so I stopped being angry too and we got everything back undercontrol), and immediately afterwards started laughing at the situation and what we were doing on the computer.  About an hour later we headed home to eat, and then find out if we were going to go visit this member we had thought we were.  While eating Elder Garff thought that we should not, and kind of convinced me too. So we gave her a call, intending to do studies the rest of the night.  As he called I had a strong spiritual prompting to stop everything and go visit her and her family.  So we dropped everything, strapped up, and ran off to her house about 30 minutes away.  Luckily we went, we quickly got into helping the kids with all of their sudden gospel questions and me and Elder Garff taught the kids a bunch of Gospel Principles and such.  I was surprised afterwards to see that I had taught about why Nephi killed Laban completely in Korean without stuttering or having to pause!  Elder Garff taught the oldest daughter and son about why reading the scriptures is so important.  And then we made fried peppers with sugar with them!  It was probably the most spiritual visit I had ever had with them, or in general!  It was just such a wonderful spirit with them.  And the family loves us!  The kids think we are the best it is sooo much fun to be with them!  We are helping the son with his Duty to God and the daughter with Personal Progress.  Such a great miracle!  

Well thats about the highlights of my week, short overview of other things.  Went farming again.  Some branch presidency work. etc.

So thats my week!  Ups and Downs as always but we are fearless as we do the Lord's work here in Taebaek!

I pray for all of you, especially those of you who are prepping for missions and other work for the Lord.  Hope all is well!  Ill Share with you a scripture I found this week that has changed the way me and Elder Garff do missionary work here:

 16 Rejoice evermore.

1 Thessalonians 5:16  Be happy!!!! Dont let anything get you down!  Because of him we will all live again!

I love all of you!

선형수 장로

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