Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hey Family! 12/21/14

Well First, Im glad to hear that Chelsea is now home from her mission!  I am glad she was able to serve her faithful 18 months out in the field among our Father's Children and help and serve them in the best way that she could.  Thanks for the service chelsea!!!  

This week was pretty crazy as well, lots of travelling and stress and great lessons learned.  We went into Seoul on Thursday for our conference on friday and spent the day doing a lot of stuff.  Unfortunately at one point in the day trying to get to a museum, me and elder Bae had located the bus that we needed to take to get there, but then Elder Garff had asked a man who got on a bus and advised him to do so, so we followed him even though the bus wouldnt take us to where we were going.  After a 40 minute bus ride of everywhere but the museum, we finally got off 3 blocks away from the museum.  I was mad.  I had just told him that we had found the bus and then he hopped on another one.  I was so angry I couldnt express it, that he had just wasted a total of almost an hour of our time.  We met up with everyone else that we were supposed to be with, and then walked into the museum.  Inside he told me sorry, that he didnt know we found the bus, he didnt hear me, he thought we were still looking for the bus when he started talking to the guy.  He thought he was doing the right thing.  Reminds me of a talk from 2 conferences ago, What are you thinking by Elder Craig W. Zwick.  I was rash in my judgements of him and what he was doing, didnt think to even think about his side and what was going on.  I was humbled (again) and after saying a small prayer asking for forgiveness and love, I apologized for my actions.  I felt really bad for how I had acted, and actually found out that the man wants to meet with the missionaries, accepted a book of mormon and a date to meet.  We sent the referral off the other day.  I also realized that a lot of my anger problems, or problems i nthe world in general are because of misunderstandings between 2 parties or more and the lack of patience to find out what is going on.  So you can safely assume that I will be working on patience over these next few weeks.  Again.  haha.  Eventually, everything comes back to the basics of the gospel, including the Christlike attributes.  

We had our Christmas conference on Friday of this past week and were able to hear from president and sister Christensen again.  What wonderful trainings were given!  Sister Christensen beckoned us to shine our lights to the world.  Even if we are just one light, without us the world would be a little bit darker.  And President came and hit us with science.  And really changed our views on some things that we just commonly accept.  Talked about the Electromagnetic Spectrum with us during his training.  And about how little we can actually see, let alone how little we understand about it.  Then he compared that to God's knowledge.  He knows light so well that he came down on a beam of it with His son and talked to Joseph Smith.  Wow.... what a great comparison of how little we actually are!  And how great God is.  President Talked to us about a lot of things but that was just one thing that really stuck out to me.  I know I still have a long way to go and things to learn before I can be like him.  

Quick small story:  After the Conference, we had some treats from the President and Sister, and then watched movies and such.  We had to leave early to catch a train from Jungnang to TAebaek.  So we got everything together and left relatvely early.  On the way to the station, elder Bae's luggage broke.... had to go back and pick up parts etc etc missed the first subway out to our final destinantion of Chungnyangni.  But we still have plenty of time, well the next subway takes about 25 minutes to get there and screws us. Get to the train terminal and watch the train leave....great.  WE were sprinting with luggage and packages and such.  Absolutely nuts!! But really fun we all prayed even though  we missed the train and headed to the bus station.  It was actually really fun

Well I dont have much time this week we have to setup for our christmas party today and get stuff ready so I love you guys and miss you and will talk to you next week!  BYE!!!!

Elder Yamagata

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