Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This week in a bottle - 2/15/15

Wow, this week was just as insane if not more than last week!  It may not seem like it to you but with everything that is going on out here,  I'm drained!

first off we have transfers on a pday today.  Super stressful because we still have to get done everything that needs to get done.  So we got back pretty late and I have to rush through this a little so I will give you the highlights.  

First off, Wednesday we had an... interesting? District meeting about trials and why they are important in our lives.  It wasn't a training as much as it was a realization and discussion within our district giving us necessary revelation to continue to press forward in our cause.  It was a struggle just allowing the spirit to guide our entire discussion and really lead me to say what I needed to say to them.  We had great input and everyone got a lot out of it.  Yesterday I called one of our sisters to follow up and see how the training has been applied and it was a really great conversation as she told me that it  was the perfect district meeting that she needed to really overcome some stuff that was going on in her life.  What an awesome thing to hear.  I was just glad that the Spirit led me to the revelation that I needed for my district.  I know that revelation still comes to me in this day through the Holy Ghost.  We must remember the words of President Eyring from last general conference:

“Revelation continues in the Church: the prophet receiving it for the Church; the president for his stake, his mission, or his quorum; the bishop for his ward; the father for his family; the individual for himself.”

And I would add, the missionary for his area.  It really is amazing to be able to help so many people through such small acts.  And I learn more than they ever will from the trainings!  

Thursday was an even crazier day as I was able to go with our dying Elder Mumford on his last exchange of his mission.  He had me help him with doing member missionary work and staying actively engaged when going home.  I could see in him a spark, something that showed me that this missionary worked hard for two years, and there was the spark that was going to grow into a blaze.  This man was truly converted  to the gospel and was willing to devote the rest of his life to it.  What a great thing to see in a missionary.  So we worked hard all day and it was fun.  I was glad to learn a lot from him too.  

Friday we got our transfer calls and I'm staying with a new companion: Elder Day.  He's a young missionary so we are going to have some fun this next transfer.  

And today is transfers where I was able to see some people, but now I have to go and get stuff done sorry this isn't a longer letter but I know the church is true and I know that God loves us, and that's really all that matters!!!! Have a great week, be safe, and may the Lord bless you!

Elder Yamagata

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