Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Week in a bottle - 2/2/15

Hey family!  Hope you had a great week because I did!  

Nothing super spectacular happened this week but it was overall just a really good week!  

One thing that I really liked this week was an article I read in an old Liahona about refining ourselves to fit into our celestial homes after this life.  Culturing ourselves to love the best of everything.  Music, food, games, love, everything.  It was a really inspiring article and has given me the inspiration to go home and restart my instruments, learn piano even more, learn to sing, read the classics of the world, really refine my life.  It wont happen all at once, but its a lifetime goal and it has eternal consequences.  I highly recommend this article  Our Refined Heavenly Home.  It definitely has changed some of my views on life and the world!  

This week we also had a great district meeting about promises that we as missionaries make.  It was a really good training that resulted in 2 baptismal dates in our area this week! This commitment along with the zone leaders commitment to invite more people to be baptized has really pushed our district to find and commit more people.  And they WANT to commit, they want to make those covenants with heavenly father that help them draw closer to him.  It is truly amazing!  

Our time as servants of the Lord is super short so we just have to work as hard as we can for two years no regrets, no mercy, no fear.  Dont let anything stop you future missionaries from serving the Lord with all your heart might mind and strength!  

Your in my prayers and I hope the Missionaries of the world are in yours!

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