Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Not so interesting week! 11/2/14

Me and Elder Garff definitely worked hard this week but didn't really have much different happen.
The only thing that was different this week was our meeting with a 7th day adventist named Dan (btw he's american).  Dan is really cool, knows his scriptures really well, and is a devout member of his faith.  Up until this week the way elder Garff and Elder Jarett would teach him was that they would come in, he would bring up a topic, and then they would teach about that topic for an hour before having to go.  A good way of course, but not the best way.  I came in and decided that we needed to have a Logical yet Spiritual lesson with him.  I had been in a lesson once before and so I saw the way they taught, and how much progress was not made, and decided to change that.  So we prepared hard, we even role played a little!  (don't freak it was only like 5 minutes).  WE found scriptures, looked up talks by General Authorities, really spiritually and mentally prepared.  I even fasted that day so we could have the spirit.  WE met with him and immediately had a prayer to start out lesson.  After that we took off, I don't even remember most of the lesson.  We decided to teach him the Restoration all the way through and so we took off.  He asked some pretty good questions, and we were able to answer all of them without even stuttering.  After several references to the Doctrine and Covenants, Pictures of Prophets, Diagrams, Priesthood line of authoity chart, and talks about becoming gods and Prophetic Revelation later, we finished the lesson with a prayer.  He walked out and immediately afterwards me and elder Garff got a chest bump in for a lesson well taught.  Now we don't nor didn't bible bash, but we were able to teach logically and with the spirit and it was great!  Elder Garff turned to me afterwards and told me that when I bore my testimony about praying about the book of Mormon and our teachings that he felt the spirit so strongly he wantedt to cry.  It was a great experience.  It made me think a lot about feeling the Spirit and recognizing when we are teaching and feeling it.  The lesson made me think of this scripture from the Doctrine and Covenants:

 22 Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Section 50:22.  I know for certain that if I felt the spirit, and Elder Garff felt the Spirit, then Dan most definitely had to have felt the Spirit.  Its an undeniable blessing promised to us from the scriptures!  I'm hoping that he will do that over these couple of days and feel the Spirit again testify to the truthfulness of what we taught him.  Hes a good man and he's been through a lot, its time that he found the peace and comfort of what I have found through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Well that's about it for spiritual experiences this week, in other news I went farming twice, and had a pretty good week!  We have family home evening tonight with the branch so that will be fun!

I love all of you and miss you soooo much!!! May the Lord Bless you in your lives!

Elder Yamagata

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