Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Whoa slow down.......10/12/14

So this week has been something different.  Fun, but definitely different and crazy especially at the end.

We had the awesome opportunity on Pday to hike 도봉산 that all of us had been wanting to hike for forever!!! And what a hike it was!  After almost 2 hours of hiking, and near the end going almost vertical as we had to rock climb for a couple of minutes.Finally we beheld the wonderful sight of 도봉 노원 as we gazed across both of the cities and breathed in the slightly chilly air. We took lots of pictures and had an awesome time going both up and down.  Definitely hurt the next couple of days though haha.

Then on Tuesday we had the wonderful opportunity to eat dinner with Danielle and Taggart Gillespie at their house with Matthew Walls our investigator and just talk.  It was so amazing, for a few seconds I felt like I was with friends and family and I realized how much I loved each and every one of these people.  We had a really good time getting him ready for this weekends general conference!  We also had to move district meeting to tuesday because we had a special event on wednesday which was....

A Giant service project!  In a different area called SAnggye that Ive mentioned before we went there to help in a flea market and do random stuff for them!  It was sooo much fun! My job, Making balloon animals for kids that are walking around!!!  I never t\hought that I would learn how to make balloon animals on my mission but I did and it was really cool!  The kids were super excited but started to push my balloon making ability and started asking for stuff I didnt know if I could make.  I startd just dog, sword and flower. And by the end I was making crowns and bows and arrows and all kinds of crazy stuff!  Afterwards we helped them clean up and then had to rush home change and teach english class! 

Nothing much happened then until Saturday!  GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Again I dropped like 30 dollars on food and drinks and we set up shop at the ward.  Unfortunately no projector this time so we had to watch on a small 20" monitor but it was fine.  I felt the spirit and thats all that mattered.  We had some technical difficulties but it all worked out fine!  Also was transfer calls and found out that Im going to 태백 which is wayyyyyy out in the middle of nowhere korea! hahaha jk but its really nice place! I will be serving with Elder Garff out there.  Hopefully I have fun!

Sunday was when it hit me.... We watched general conference at Taggart and Danielles house with Matthew and it was amazing!  Afterwards he asked some questions that were really simple to answer and he loved it!  I felt the spirit prompt me to invite him to be baptized and did so, he rejected it but the spirit was so strong that I didnt care.  Afterwards I told him that I would be transferring and that I wouldnt be here in Dobong anymore.  He said something I will probably never forget "Man, this morning I woke up, put on a shirt and came over here.  Never did I think I would be saying goodbye to a friend."  I felt so loved by these people and I was sad to be leaving them.  We had to leave soon after though and so we took pictures and I left them with a "God be with you till we meet again"  And then we departed, being filled with the spirit. Later we arrived at the church and when I walked into the main room most of the members were there and they all came up and gave me handshakes and hugs saying they were going to miss me and such... I almost started crying as I saw this.  I couldnt help but feel so much love for these people that Ive only known for a few short months.  After we watched the rest of general conference we were invited to dinnner by our Ward mission leader and so we went and when we shared the spiritual message me and sister thomas beared our testimonies and it was powerful.  Near the end I shared with them hymn number 74 in Korean.  God be with you till we meet again.  To which the mother started to sing the ending verse and me and sister thomas started crying and hugging the family.  At the end the daughter of the mission leader looked at me and sister thomas and said "We Will meet again, we are family"  It was so spiritual I was amazed at it!

So I will say this was a wonderful spirit filled week that I have had, now I am in the process of packing and getting everything ready for the move out to TaeBaek.  I know I will have fun, but I will definitely miss dobong ward. 

Something too that has been going around the mission is the kind of theme song for the meet the mormons movie called Glorious by David Archuleta, if you can I would highly recommend you listen to it!

with much Love

Elder Yamagata


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