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Elder Yamagata in the Hizzouse!!! 10/19/14

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AMAZING!!!!  I cant believe how much stuff has happened and its only been a week!  I am having an awesome time right now on my mission!!! Ill start from the top!

Monday was an awesome P-day at the Zoo at the giant kids park they have in Seoul!  Definitely fun seeing elephants and lions in the middle of a huge city!!  almost our entire district went and we had such an awesome time together and then that night we went with Sister 오현숙 to a nice restaurant down the street from our house where she took us and fed us leaving missionaries for the last time before we left!  Super nice of her and we had an awesome time! 

Tuesday we were swamped with all kinds of stuff to do, I had to send my boxes to taebaek to make sure that they were there in time for my arrival.  After that we went to the bishops house and had lunch with him and 이기호, 김길복, 강병석, and a couple of other people too.  And it was such a fun experience.  Afterwards we went to 이기호's english academy and did english tests with some of his  students.  It was pretty fun but then we had to leave to help sister Thomas get her stuff sent to her new area too and so as we were lugging her huge bags down from their apartment, the bishop and a bunch of people show up in a van and take us to the post office and help us send her stuff.  Super nice, then suddenly they took me and elder Bak to gireum area south of us and dropped us off at a members salon so she could give me a hair cut becuase they said that elder bak's haircut on me wasnt very good haha.  So I got my haircut.  After dinner me and elder Bak wanted to go out one more time so we hit the streets and met the nicest boy that gave us some of his popcorn and hoddeok.  It was super nice.  After him we met a drunk guy that almost fell over on us about 10 times.  we managed to somehow get him to his wife and kids and they were absolutely furious at hime for what he had done!  It was crazy but they thanked us and we were on our way.  got ready for the next day which was....

TRANSFERS!!! CRAZY!!! SCARY!!! Saw some of the missionaries who were going home and met my new companion elder Garff from Michigan.  Really cool guy, gets missionary work. Spent some time that day walking around and getting stuff done before getting on the 4 hour train ride out to Taebaek!!! It was truly awesome though seeing the city fade and the rolling hills and mountains spring up and all the trees with the leaves turning sooo nice!  Taebaek is a really small town at the very edge of our mission, actually had to pass through the daejun mission to get to here.  Its a really beautiful town,  Upon arrival we went straight to work.  visited a member in the hospital and then back to the church where I did calls while Elder Garff did branch presidency work because the branch is so small that the missionary is always the 1st counselor in the presidency.  so yeah

Thursday we had to visit some people and had some lessons and then sat at home and did weekly planning because on friday we have service!  We also met the branch president and his family at their house and introduced ourselves and had a good time

Friday we served at this place called The lunchbox of love for our service project.  They give meals to home ridden people for free.  super cool.  so we washed dishes and got everything ready for their next meal shipment.  After that we had a short amount of time before english class so we had some chicken for dinner. english class was fun!

Saturday we went to  a place called Dogye in our area super fun, no one was there.... that about sums up all of my area now.... Moving on!  

Sunday met the branch for the first time and had an awesome church time!  Meal afterwwards where everyone asked about my conversion and everything else, it was super fun! went out and visited some people had some sudden lessons then all of a sudden president was coming and we were going to start interviews!!! crazy!!! But he didnt get here till late so we went home!

Today we finished interviews and now we arejust going to hang out shop and get some work done afterwards.  We really do a lot of stuff here in Taebaek because we are doing everything we can to build the branch here so I think it will be amazing!  We do a lot of service and helping the members out here and I cant wait to get to know all of them!  I love it here already

Well Hope everyone had a good time this week!  Be safe and have a good week this week and always look to God in all your doings!!!  Have charity for everyone because love isnt enough!  Love is the feelings we as mankind have for each other, Charity is what God has for us!  Charity really is the pure love of Christ, nothing can taint it and it will always be the most powerful force! As you can tell Ive been studying some love and charity lately, as well as some Joseph Smith history.  If you can, pick up a copy of Teachings of Joseph Smith, its really good and he says some really profound things in there that are straight from his Discourses.  It really is a good read!

Have a great week!


Elder Yamagata!!!

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