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Hey family just gonna drop in this week! 3-1-15

Hey family just gonna drop in this week!

So first off, last monday I spent 60,000원 on stuff at a 문구... I dont want to talk about it.... 

This week we had a huge miracle of having a couple of lessons for the first time since a long time ago!  We met thought with a man named David.  A very fun and exciting man... haha.  he is obsessed with Daniel 9? I think, I dont remember.  He tried to prove to me and Elder Day, that Jesus is the Christ, with math!  Oh man that was such a hard lesson.  Finally got control of the situation and testified to him about the restoration, which he of course denied was true.  He has to, hes an investigator haha.  But anyways we were blessed with being able to meet him and he accepted a soft baptismal invitation so pray for him!!!

During district meeting this week we talked about Unity and being one with your companion!  Totally went by the spirit as I taught and the sPirit guided that conversation, of that I can testify.  It was powerful, and everyone realized their responsibility in the district and to their companion.  We ended with a group "amen on 3" that was super fun!  The spirit was strong! 

Also randomly this week a lady came up to us and stopped us momentarily, asking us to visit her mom in the hopsital, gave us the room number, and then left.  So we decided the next day would be perfect, and came to find a woman in her bed, early 90's and very frail.  It was a sad sight, but the daughter had such hope in us coming.  She fully expected her mother to be healed because of our presence alone.  She had us pray for her mom and then we left.  Suddenly got a call on saturday to go visit this woman again and again pray for her.  I saw even more faith as a lot of family members were there and all got up to welcome us into the room that the mother was in.  They all expressed reverence at our presence and it was amazing how strong the spirit was.  I got confirmation that that woman was not ready to leave yet, and she would yet have more time on earth.  It was amazing!

This week had been extremely hard on me in finding though.  These past couple of weeks piled on me and I started to lose hope in misionary work in kroea.  I was ready to give up on the older generation of koreans here.  "They are too lost in their own culture," I thought.  But Stake conference was this weekend, and Sister Christensen, our presidents wife, spoke to the stake on sunday.  She talked about testimonies and conversion.  It really touched me in a different way, inspiring faith and hope in me to continue to do my work.  I felt the Spirit confirm to me how important it was for me to keep talking with people and work my butt off and now let anything get in the way.  I felt renewed strength and hope for the korean people instead of wanting to "dust my feet" of them.  

Finally the last "event" to happen this week.  I had some deep impressions this week with the Korean Elder in my district, Elder Song.  I had a distinct impression that he was not fully trusting his companion with their investigators, area, etc.  I prayed about it and realized I needed to talk to him.  So I prayed again, asking for the gift of tongues to be active and his Spirit to be there as we talked.  I called him in and then began talking to him, the gift was there and the langauge was no problem. Eventually ended up talking to him about how I felt like he was "Older Brothering (theres no word in english sorry!)" us in the house.  Eventually we just worked out problems between us and the spirit immediately flooded us telling us that needed to happen!  It was great and we hugged it out at the end.  

So thats what happened this week!  Not too much but powerful expereiences for all of us here in the Dong Dae Moon!  We are excited for this upcoming week!  

Just wanted to share one thing from personal study this week from a talk called The Strength of Being Clean: a study of The quest for Unearned Happiness.  

"Happiness must be earned, like other good things, else it cannot be held. It can be 1deserved only where its price has been somehow paid. Nothing worth having is given away in this world, nor in any other that we know of. No one rides dead head on the road to happiness. He who tries to do so, never reaches his destination....No one is ever miserable who would truly pay the price of happiness. No one is really miserable who has not tried to cheapen life."

This was a great eye opener to me this week. WE have to constantly be stiving to be happy!  Happiness takes effort!  Work hard this week!

Elder Seon Hyeung Soo


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