Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Well that was a shock.....1/4/15

Well it was right?  Oh wait, you dont know?  Let me fill you in?  

We received transfer calls on Friday.  Our expectation: one more together, Im trained to be the 1st counselor in the branch presidency and then Elder Garff is out and someone else comes in for a while.  What happened:  Elder Garff stays and Elder Murdock gets trained to be 1st counselor, I move to DongDaeMoon ward in Seoul and become a senior comp and District Leader for the first time on my mission....Well I was a shock for me at least.  And the rest of my District and Zone.  Literally everyone thought that we would stay one more, but that wasn't the Lord's plan.  I couldnt sleep that night.  Wasnt coming, to stressed about having to leave and be a district leader.  But after a day of fasting and praying about it and trying to find out if its God's will I found out for sure that thats what the Lord wants me to do.  So now Im happy about it!  Im excited to be going to Dong Dae Moon and serving there with so many people!  Back in Seoul Again!  Whoo!!!

Well also, on new years day we went hiking at 태백산 (TaeBaek Mountain) at really early in the morning.  A big Korean tradition is to hike the closest mountain and watch the first sunrise to bring in the new year!  Well we couldnt go super early in the morning, but we went later and hiked and watched the sun come up some more.  It was extremely difficult with most of the members being extremely unprepared and so we had to bring extra equipment and hike in some of our missionary attire to keep us warm.  It was -14 Celcius when we started and about -20 at the top of the mountain!  I almost died!!! So did everyone else.  But the way down was super fun as we sleded and skiied our way down.  I hurt my back pretty badly on the way down.  But at the top we said a prayer as a branch to start our new year and it was really nice.  I don't remember the specifics but I know I felt the spirit that day with the branch.  When we got back we went over to one of our members houses for dinner and had 떡국수 for dinner,  which if you don't eat in Korea you don't turn a year older.  So we ate played some games and had an awesome message on setting goals for the new year and looking back on the old one in recognition of our accomplishments and how much we have improved.  It was a wonderful time. 

Probably the best thing that happened this week was sunday night as we did our weekly planning.  Me and Elder Garff talked about these past 2 transfers and what we learned from each other and how much we had grown.  Elder Garff told me how much he has seen me be prepared to be a Senior and District leader.  He testified so much to me about my own progress and how he has seen the curve on my progress turn into an alsmot straight upward line.  I was almost to tears as we finished off our last companion ship inventory and Told each other how we could improve.  He has been my best companion, and a true friend.  Someone I know will be in my life for the rest of it and the eternities to come.  I thanked the Lord for him after we finished in a private prayer.  What a great experience.  

Well not much else happened this week.  I learned a lot during my studies and almost died in one of our older members houses trying to fix his washing machine.  Scary times and fun times but it was worth it.  

Hope all of you had a wonderful new year and have set goals and made plans to improve this upcoming year.  We dont progress without goals in mind.  And how do you know how to progress in your goals without plans?  It doesnt work.  So set them and then get to work.  

Love all of yall!


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