Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wow this week - May 3, 2015

Was absolutely uneventful.

Not much happened this week.  We had a great lesson with our Progressing investigator O Ji Won, we taught him the Restoration and he has agreed to come to church next week.  We are really excited for him, hes the first person in about 3 months who has had actual interest in the church and is moving along quite well!  We also visited alot of the members this week and gave them bread to lift their spirits.  It came just in time for one of our mongolian members who was having a hard time and came home to that.  It just goes to show me that God puts us in the places that we need to be.  Me and my companion had the impression to just make bread out of these really old bananas that we had in our fridge, and it worked.  We made his day and he was really excited!  He even called us to thank us for it.

Also this week something cool happened at church.  usually the kids crying and being loud is somewhat annoying, and can sometimes cause irritation, especially while the sacrament is being blessed and passed.  But this week, I looked around and the kids were especially loud, and crying, and laughing and running around.  And then the spirit spoke to me, "They are all feeling Christ right now, they have the light of Christ within them."  And so I just sat, and listened to the symphony of laughing, giggling, crying, screaming, and talking as the sacrament was passed.  I felt God sitting with us and loving each second of it.  It was actually really great!  I had one of the best fast and testimony meetings of my mission.  I had a small prompting to bear my testimony, not about anything special, but just to bear it.  It was really great and I felt the Spirit strongly.  

So anyways, hope everyone is doing well, not much like I said but It was still a great week.  Me and Elder Day are doing really well, working hard and trying to find less actives and investigators.  We feel your prayers daily supporting us as we walk out into the world.  

Love all of you and have a great week!

Elder Sun

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