Monday, June 15, 2015

Wow Mothers day already! - May 10th

Wow Mothers day already!  It feels like only yesterday I was calling my mom last year for mothers day

First off, want to give a huge shoutout to my mother!  Through thick and thin, good times and bad, she has supported me for 21 years!!! I know I wasn't the easiest child ever, but I love my mom sooooo much for taking care of me and supporting me.  I know that to be a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but each and every mom out there will be blessed eternally, not only for raising her kids, but teaching them how to raise their kids and seeing the family that she has created grow into something that is magnificent.  Love you, mom!!!!

This week was actually filled with a lot of talking about mom moments.  With mothers day phone calls on our minds, we talked about our moms alot.  What they did that was funny, what was crazy. what we still don't understand, and what we realized was for our benefit and would like to say they were right about ( I feel like those moments are coming very often now).  It was funny to see us reminisce about our moms and give thanks to them.  I know each one of the missionaries here in 동대문 loves their moms.  They talk about them all the time and how much they love them!  Super cool  

Not much happened this week, we got our transfer calls and I am going to be staying, but not with my companion.  I will be greeniebreaking someone new while elder day moves one area over, he will be in the house still which is really cool!!!! We are super excited for this next transfer!!!

I was also really excited to see my companion turn to me yesterday and tell me that he has learned from me how to not only study, and pray, but talk with the lord while he is studying and invite him into his personal studies.  I was super excited to hear him say that and know that I am making a difference in his mission.  It is really cool to see people change as their mission goes on.  I am excited for this upcoming transfer and see what he learns from other missionaries, and what I learn from my companion!  

Well, Family hope all of you are doing well, pray for you everyday! 

Love you

Elder Seon Hyeong Soo

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