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Hey Fam Bam - March 15, 2015

Well, this week was absolutely awesome!  Had some great miracles happen this week and some investigators pick up and drop off (some in the same day)Great things studied and learned so let's dive into what I call, the week...

So First off, had a great lesson this week with a new investigator Name is GyuRi.  Met and he is one of the first Koreans I've seen to have tattoos of any kind.  They are not very popular here and having them generally disqualifies you from working in any professional office.  They really don't care too much about discrimination until very recently.  Anyways he was really great, taught the entire Restoration to him in about 35 minutes and didn't have any questions.  Sounds great!!!! till he texted us the next day and dropped us haha.  It wasn't too sad, more irritating because he texted us about dropping us and being sorry for the next 7 hours.  Oh man.... Couldn't work without getting a text every 5 minutes saying sorry or something.   Anyways, we got another investigator yesterday.  He's a black Swedish guy that was born in Russia nad grew up in Tanzania.  Super SICK!!!! He is prepared from the Lord!~ We taught him the entire message and then some in an hour yesterday.  Wow!!!! We felt great and he accepted a soft baptismal invitation.  So We will see how he goes soon!  

Another cool thing that happened this week was the miracle of District meeting.  I had a prompting to ask everyone what they wanted to be trained on.  And everyone gave the randomest and not at all interconnected things possible.  But something crazy happened as I wrote them all down and prayed about them.  What they actually needed came to me as clear as day like a voice in my head.  They all needed to know about conversion and the power the book of Mormon has in solving any problem.  It was a wonderful district meeting!! I was surprised by how well it went.  Definitely got down on my knees that night and thanked heavenly father so much for how much help he gave me on that one!

This week I also had exchanges with our Assistant to the President: elder south.  And also with one of the other members of my district.  Super stressful but learned so much from them as I went out and worked hard with them both days.  Learned a lot about patience, about never giving up and about how much it takes to bring people into the gospel.  It's not easy!! Remember that!!!

Probably the most exciting part of our week was the Sudden visit to the temple that we were able to do.  We were selected to go out of 60 missionaries in the stake to go to the temple with the youth and do baptisms and confirmations for the dead.  The spirit was strong as these young men and women came to the Lords house and helped in his sacred work.  The spirit was even stronger when we had to do the ordinances in Korean.  My companion witnessed.  But I actually gave the baptisms and did the confirmations and let me tell you, Being in the Temple as a missionary with the gift of tongues, no better place to speak Korean.  Haha.  It was great and didn't make any mistakes.  Wow!!! 

Well, it was a great week, and now I must bid you farewell.  But I wish to leave you with a commitment,  the same one that I gave my district this past week.  It is mentioned in the MTC during a talk called the Character of Christ that Elder Bednar gave there.  It is to take a blue book of Mormon.  And take anything that you're trying to learn, or fix, or need help with, etc.  Write it in the front of the book, and then start reading from the very beginning.  And then mark everything that may have to do with what you are trying to learn.  Then at the very end, write abo8ut what you have learned.  Simple.  I'm doing it right now for patience and loving others.  We'll see how well it goes in a couple of weeks when I finish!!!

Well, I love all of you  and I know this is true!  I know the lord loves us and he watches over us every day!  Be safe and spread the gospel!

Elder Yamagata

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