Tuesday, May 5, 2015

General Conference - April 12, 2015

This week we had the wonderful experience of watching general conference, where all the apostles and prophets speak to the whole world.  We played games, shared laughs, and were spiritually fed as we listened to the servants of the lord.  My favorite talks were the ones by President Packer about the Plan of Happiness and President Uchtdorf about being true in all things.  It was a really great conference and the especially fun part was to play the easter game for sunday sessions.  Every time someone said easter, we all ate chocopies, cookies, etc. At first it was fun, but soon turned to sour stomachs and torture.  We all were in the bathroom.  

An especially funny story that happened this week was during the first session.  We had sister 이, a korean who lived in america for 5 years, sit with us in the english session.  During president Packers Talk on Marriage, I told her I would translate as a joke.  two minutes later as President Packer gets into his spchiel on relations between husband and wife, she then turns and asks me to translate into "real english"  Except, now it's weird.... haha.  I told her Why I couldnt and then we both started laughing super hard.  

Me and Elder Day this week also worked super hard on getting our contacts numbers up.  Talking to more people is better.  On Friday night we had 29 people talked to, by the end of the week, we had pulled 118.  In two days almost 100 people.  It was incredble what wecould do with the lords help.  

Well not much happened this week.  Sorry this email isnt better, I dont have much time, and I have a lot of questions to answer in my notebook today.  I wrote a lot of questions down during cnference.  So I have a lot of repenting to do!  haha Im excited. 

Also next week, Elder Ringwood, the one that spoke at the conference will be coming and doing a mission tour in our mission, so we will be able to meet him!  super exciting!!!!

Anyways, love all of you!

Elder Yamagata!!!!

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