Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lessons learned from a boy in Korea - March 29,

A lot of stuff happened this week and lessons were learned.  Let us begin:

The first big thing that happened this week was we went to the Paju Unification Observatory.  Very Fun!  We were supposed to go to the DMZ this week, but because of a fire, they wouldn't let us go up there.  Well, we had changed our pday and had jumped over hurdles and through hoops to go, and now they are barely telling us that we cant go.  What the heck are we supposed to do?  Sister Thomas had been waiting her entire mission to go.  No chances before, this was it.  And it was crushed.  We all scrambled to think of things as her companions comforted her in her tears.  All of a sudden I thought of the observatory and going there over a year ago with Elder Smith.  I told everyone else, who thought it was good, and then told her to elated cries.  We mobilized and got going, only to find out that it was going to take us about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get there.... holy moly.  Well, we left and soon were having fun playing games making jokes, telling stories etc.  Eventually, we got there and had a great time and the same on the way back.  Our sadness at not being able to go to the actual DMZ was overcome with joy and fun.  I realized that even though we didn't get to GO where we wanted to, what was more important was who we were with and how we were spending the day.  When I realized that, the entire day became so much better.  We were able to have a great time and make awesome memories!  What a great lesson to learn

The next lesson came because of studies.  This week I have taken to studying faith. Elder Diede in our district always complains about wanting to see Lehi's dream.  And that he has faith.  So I decided to study faith to understand what we need to see visions or baptize people.  It's one in the same.  What I learned:  We have to say something, then we have to act.  I have told Heavenly Father that I want to do something, now I'm going to do it with his help.  This is how we accomplish acts by faith.  I will let you know more as I study. This might go for a while. 

The last lesson I learned this week was the value of timed goals.  Not just weekly monthly or yearly goals, but daily and sometimes hourly goals.  I have taken to giving myself a personal commitment after personal study every day in order to improve myself and how I do work.  This has helped me vastly increase the rate at which I improve and how I do it.  I follow up with myself 2ce a day and really work hard towards achieving my goals.  elder day helps and its great!   I highly recommend it!

Other news this week, all of our investigators have left and are busy so we are trying hard to find this upcoming week, also transfers have come and I'm staying in Dongdaemun another transfer, and  We also had our ward game night this week that went really well and brought lots of nonmembers into the church to play some fun games!  Super awesome! 

Looking forward to a great week!   Love all of you!

Elder Seon Hyeong Su

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