Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hey this week! - March 22, 2015

What's up family!  Not much happened this week, had another double exchange week that was super tiring.  But I had the opportunity to be with my zone leader and friend, Elder Weight.  He talked to me about a lot of things, but instead of telling the other person what we wanted to be trained on, he suggested that we pick for each other. Obviously he already had a topic in mind so I just let him roll with it.  He trained me on trust.  I thought "Well I trust the Lord and the lord trusts me, what's the problem?"  He, though, wasn't talking about trust between the Lord and I, rather he was talking about Trust between the District and I.  It really was an eye opener to me.  Was I not setting a good example?  Did the district not trust me?  It wasn't that at all, but we must remember that we can always do better!  We can always work harder, talk to more people, set a better example of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Then the Day after I was with Elder Weight, I went with my friend Elder Olson.  We went to a training meeting where we talked about leadership, and setting a better example.  Needless to say, I got the hint from Heavenly Father about what I needed to improve on next.   I will definitely be working harder throughout this week to set a better example for my district. 

The other thing this week was the improvement of prayers.  I recently have taken to keeping a prayer journal.  Every time I pray and receive revelation I write it down so that I don't forget and so that I can show Heavenly Father that it is important to me.  In response, I have gotten a lot more out of my prayers this week!  Definitely recommend that to everyone!  

Not much else outside of that happened this week!  Working hard to bring people into the Gospel.  We have a Black Swede James and a Muslim Mustafa as our investigators right now, we are the foreigner companionship apparently.  We always seem to get in well with them.  So pray for them and the Korean people if you get a chance!

Love all of you and hope you are doing well!  Pray for the missionaries daily!  

Elder Yamagata

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