Friday, September 26, 2014

You ate what?....... 8/3/14

So Ill just go in order by what we have done this week!


Monday:  We went to 상계 and hung out with our zone and played table tennis and some games like signs and the name game!  Super fun and then went home and then that night we had a dinner with a member who has been less active for 8 years and it went great!  Really brought the spirit into the house! It was super fun!




I was super stressed about today because I had to go on exchanges with the Zone leaders!  I went to 상계 with elder Harrison and it was super fun!  We had a lot of appointments and I got to know him pretty well.  I was stressed that I wasnt going to get along with him but we have similar personalities and it was really fun!  They moved into a new house that had AC!!! We havent had AC ever in our house and so it was super nice!!!!  For lunch that day too I homemade some fried chicken!!!




We finished the exchange and had to bolt to district meeting so that Elder Anderson could teach his district meeting.  He was a little nervous, there was a sister training leader, zone leader, and an Assistant to the Pres there as well!  He was under some pressure!  But he did well and taught us about listening with love! Afterwards we just did some street contracting and then had english class.  The biggest one we have had in a while! 17 People came!  What a blessing!




We were busY!!!!  Our first appoointment punked us, which is sad but better because we needed more time for our lunch with our member who food us.... DOG SOUP!!!! Soooooo goood!!!! I was extremely surprised at the texture and the taste of this type of dog!  Super delicious.  We shared about Christs Atonement and it was super good!  Then we street contacted for about an hour, where I got attacked by not one but TWO giant CICADAS!!!!! BLEH... Disgusting.  But then Elder Anderson had to do pass off with someone so me and Elder Grimshaw talked about his new camera and some other stuff for a while.  Then after dinner the bishop out of nowhere called us and asked us to go with him on some visits so we went with him in his brand new chrysler 300, super nice.  No one was home but it was still fun to go!




Weekly planning took 5 hours today.... We had a lot to talk about to find more investigators and such so it took a while to get things done.  Then after that dinner and then we had a Street contacting activity together and members were supposed to come.  No one came except for these two american members who just recently moved into the area this week, and only because they were trying to go home and passed by :/ its ok we just keep on working!  ^^




On exchanges with Elder Suman now!  We got punked by our first lesson, but met a man on the street who was a little crazy.... tried telling us that there were no women in the world, only men.... very strange. But then we had an awesome less active lesson where I taught about family history and getting him to do baptisms for the dead, and he was all game.  He quickly took over and was doing everything on his own!  Awesome!  Sped back down to our house and taught matthew, the investigator turned less active.  It was a bit long but we taught him all the commandments.... Hes coming to church soon so we need him ready!  English class to finish off the day, and pizza!!!! super good!




Not much, just fast and testimony meeting, several less actives came to church and then we went and street contacted for a little bit.  Studies at night and we were able to print lectures on faith by Joseph Smith which is nice!  We are super excited!  


So pretty cool week we have been having a lot of fun in the house and just going and doing crazy things.  Im excited to see where the rest of this transfer is going to go!  Im learning a lot about virtue as thats my study topic this week.  Keeping thoughts clean is definitely hard.  But constantly thinking about other stuff thats more positive is great!  Ive made a lot of talks this week that no one will ever hear!! ^^  Keeping your thoughts clean is an active process that takes a lot of work!  So we keep on working!


Hope everyone at home is doing well! Being safe and having fun!  Lots of stuff is changing!  


Elder Yamagata

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