Friday, September 26, 2014

This week in a nutshell! - 8/31/14

So this week was.... interesting to say the very least. 


I will start this email off with the last thing that has happened which is we got transfer calls!  I will be staying in Dobong but unfortunately, Elder Anderson will be moving on to greener pastures.  Actually he is not going that far, to Gireum area which is the area directly south of ours, literally a 15 minute walk from our house.  Hahah thats crazy and he will be training so thats fun.  Me on the other hand, I have the priveldge to be one of the few that gets to have a korean companion!  I will be serving with Bak Jong Il here in Dobong for another transfer.  Super fun and Im guessing my korean will improve quite a bit these next 6 weeks!  So I am really looking forward to next transfer, Im just scared Im not going to be able to talk or communicate with him the first couple of days.  


Last week Elder Kim was experiencing some stomach problems and such and went to the doctor and got checked out.  When he came back we found out he had not 1, nor 2, but 4 hemorrhoids!!!!  Ouch!  So he had two options and took the worst of them and opted to get surgery on what we like to call the 항문.  He has been down for the count ever since, in some of the most pain Ive seen on a man. He looked like he was about to kill someone when he came out of the bathroom this morning.  He cant really work anymore, but he will be transferring to a threesome next transfer out of our area.  We dont know what will happen with him really.  But I went on exchanges with him on thursday and he was knocked out the entire time except for the last two hours of the day super crazy and a lot fo study of different talks taht I have printed out lately.  Super cool though, but with him down it has kind of taken a toll on our district as we all have to help him and elder grimshaw out.  But its super fun!


The other thing that happened this week was the massive amount of pain we were in last night... We walked home and said when people ask us the hardest time on our missions we would say last night, august 31, 2014.  So first off church was great, had a fun time, and in gospel doctrine watched a bird fly into the church and then almost kill itself smashing into a closed window.  Super sad and crazy.  Then suddenly after church we were invited to go eat with the bishop at his house, and when we went over they had kimchi jiggae for us to eat, as well as some gogi and chopchae.  Super delicious and the spiritual message of elder kim and anderson bearing testimony was great.  Even though bishop called on me suddenly to share my testimony as well, it was awesome.  My korean has been getting a lot better lately as I have been really trying to study hard and learn more so I can really improve.  It has been paying off!  Then we went home and studied for an hour before going to another meal with O Hyun Sook and her family.  We always dread transfer meals because in korea there are no left overs, no leaving food on your plate, if you do it is a big sign of disrespect that traces back to the Korean War.  Anyways we walked in and she set up a griddle for us and had 4 big bowls of meat ready for us to eat, as well as some more in the fridge.  She is infamous in the mission for feeding missionaries till they're ready to die!  We did an estimate and ballparked somewhere between 12-15 pounds of meat that we had to eat, on top of all the side dishes!  Kimchi, Korean Pancakes, all kinds of other stuff.  WE were already stuffed and it was difficult to eat anymore but we perservered and ate almost all of it.  As a reward we had some awesome blueberry smoothie things and then shared a wonderful message with her and her family.  It was a wonderful night!  But sooo bad on the stomach, just came home and died!  Elder Suman literally destroyed their toilet though... so I doubt we will ever get invited back :(


The only other thing that happened this week was some good appointments with Jason.  We taught him and then elder anderson and grimshaw taught him on thursday when we went on exchanges.  Hes being doing really well and actually came to church this sunday!  WE were super excited, he came for the last 10 minutes of sacrament but then unfortunately he left about 5 minutes after to help his in laws with their store. But he came so w were happy!  


This week also I have been studying really hard about the plan of salvation.  And I realize how gratful for it I am.  I am glad that we have the opportunity to live with our families forever, and that God loves all of his children so they all have an opportunity to hear the gospel, even after they have passed through the veil into eternity.  Such an amazing blessing.


Anyways Im out of time this week!  I hope every one is safe and having fun, but also remembering the Lord in everything they do!  Keep the Missionaries in your prayers!  



Without Wax,



Elder Sun Hyung Soo


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