Friday, September 26, 2014

Yobosayo MARKUUU - 8/10/14

Hey whats crackalackin my peeps!  This week has been a little interesting so I will relay the best parts back to you!


Monday we went bowling as the elders in our district than to a buffett where we engorged ourselves with food.  After the buffet we were invited over to a members house for dinner and so then had to do some samoan ab crunches and put more food away!  It was super hard!  But we gave a great message with them and the sisters investigator who came.  They asked me how the gospel has blessed my life, and so I related how it helped me with my family relationships especially with people I had a hard time getting along with and seeing how loving them can bring you closer together.  It was a great spiritual lesson.  


Tuesday we didnt have much, just street contacted all day.  But while we were on the subway doing some jundo, an older lady followed us onto the train, down 4 cars, two more cars as me and elder anderson split up to see who she would follow, and then off the train and around the station!  We were freaked and so we hid for about 10 minutes till the next train came and we got on and booked it home!  Freaky!!!  Taht night we met with another member who is in the Bishopric, Gong Min Suck.  It was great had some Bulgogi! Pineapple and Grapes, then shared a great message with them.  And played with their son Dae Gwan!!! Super fun little fireball!


Wednesday we had zone training in Uijeonbu.  Lots of changes here, first off, we have to teach the 5th lesson now before baptism!  Crazy!  The church also just chose us as a pilot mission for 2 new pamphlets for misionary use, one called Meet the Missionaries and the other is called Who is God.  They can be really useful, except they gave us two, and told us we cant give them out!  We are still trying to figure out how to use them effectively!  Sounds fun, we are excited to be able to use them!  On the way back home I was just a big bugged about how everyone was talking about miracles in their area and finding and baptisms, and yet me and elder Anderson struggled to find someone to teach for weeks and still havent seen anything yet.  I was becoming impatient and it was hard for me to look forward at the "seeds planted" when I wanted to start "Harvesting".  We all talked and just tried to look for some stuff that may help us out soon.


Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Lee the new greenie in our area and elder Sumans 2nd son.  WE spent most of the day street contacting and I spent most of it trying to get him to help me.  I found out about 3/4 through the day that he doesnt have a testimony and so its hard for him to go out and try to spread the gospel.  It was tough, but that night we had an awesome lesson with Matthew Walls. Our american investigator.  And also, we met him with two american members who also live around us, and work with him!  Crazy!! We taughtabout the plan of salvation and had a really good time teaching him!  And free food! hahaha


Friday weekly planning was cut a little short as we had to take a taxi to an appointment that was about a 45 minute walk from our house!  We met Ee Jay Jun, Jason for short, who wants to learn english, and so we did the family english program!  We didnt teach him but just met and set expectations for what actually happens.  We ate and then street contacted that night.  I met some buggers but I held my self and was proud that I didnt blow up on them.  


SAturday morning we met with Jason andactually started teaching him.  The teaching went great but the lesson went better as he listened well and asked some small questions.  We are really excited and hope he progresses well!  Then later on Saturday we taught english and that was fun, me and elder Anderson gave the spiritual message about family history and Introduced family search, which has taken a big chunk of our mental capacity trying to get people to do family history work!  Super fun I wish more people would do it!  


Sunday was a normal sunday.  Went to church and thought about The atonement the entire time and how I am blessed to have it in my life and utilize it every day.  I have been studying about doubt this week and I see that by having faith in Christ and his Atonment as stated in Lectures on Faith we erase any room for doubt by having knowledge of Christ and his Atonement.  So i am truly grateful to have it in my life.  The rest of the sunday was spent trying to understand sacrament meeting, helping members with some stuff  around the church, then we visited some less actives who acted like they werent home and finally went home to study the rest of the night.  I battled the natural man for 20 minutes in me as I sat in my chair fighting off thoughts and feelings in me.  It was a strong battle that felt like forever, and no matter what I did I felt like I couldnt win.  But as I continually tried focusing on the Savior and on Heavenly Father and my calling, I was able to get enough strength to fight off everything and get out of that bad situation.  It was crazy!  But then I studied the book of mormon by candlelight for fun!  Super fun night that ended with Me and elder Anderson watching the 50th year celebration of the church in Korea and the prophet joseph smiths 200th birthday celebration!  Super fun!  



So yeah thats my week in a nutshell.  Studies were good as I focused on Faith and Obedience this week and really tried to exercise faith in everything that I did.  Reading the lectures on Faith by Joseph Smith really helped too!  Its a great read for anyone that wants to learn more about faith.


Today isnt p day because tomorrow is temple day, So im on exchanges today with elder Grimshaw and we have some appointments lined up.  We are pumped to go to the temple tomorrow too!  I love having it in our mission and being able to receive the blessings of it every couple of weeks!  


Well I have to get going and finish some other stuff up!  Hope everyone stays safe and has a great week!


Elder Yamagata

P.S. Send me pics!!!

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