Friday, September 26, 2014

Whoa.... intense week.... - 9/14/14

So this week has been absolutely intense with everything that went on and how much stress there was.  I cant believe Im alive right now but its been great! So Ill just start from the top, theres some jumping around so hope you can keep up.


So as I said last week, our monday was cleaning day because literally no one was out on the streets of korea at all.  So we stayed in all day and cleaned our house till it was mostly spotless.  Even had to leave and help the sisters a little bit at there house taking out some of the bigger things that they couldnt lift (couches and yo's and stuff).  {Pretty fun actually as I finally was able to do some lifting like I had to when I was moving coordinator.  So we blasted some music and went ham on our house!  It actually reverted pretty quickly unfortunately but not as bad so we are working on cleaning it again.  With 6 men in the house its a lot harder to keep it clean! 


So on tuesday we had pday, spent most of it at members houses having meals with them and talking to them.  While at lunch with our bishop at his house, we kept getting a call on my phone from this unknown number.  Thinking its an ad we just kept silencing the phone and apoligizing to our bishop.  Finally after leaving it calls again and I figure we better answer it if they calling.  So elder bak picks the phone up and starts talking, informing me quickly that it was the police.... Now I know I didnt do anything wrong, so Im extremely curious.  He then informed me after the call that it wasnt about us, but that our investigator Ryan was just reported missing by his father, and we were the last ones in contact with him.  Oh man.... I have a suicidal depressed investigator on the loose somewhere and know hes missing... I was extremely worried about him and hoping that he wasnt going to do something stupid.  Elder Grimshaw gave me some good advice, said dont worry, everythings in gods hands.  I couldnt do anything, except pray, so I said one and went on my day.  Then a day passes.  Still no word on where he is until thursday as we are planning for our Talent Show (more on that later) when a certain message comes on our phone:


"Hi, Im glad to receive messages from you.  I traveled to Jirisan to take my life once and for all.  During the days I was away, my father reported to the police that I was missing to take my life.  But when I was on the verge of taking my life, the sorrow and utmost agony my family would feel came to my mind.  So I came back home.  Anyway, I'm so glad to send you a message again.  I love you, 

elder Seon Hyeong Su.  See you again."


I felt tears roll down my cheeks as I knew the Lord had not only heard my prayers but everyone in the District and the bishopric.  We quickly rushed to him at the church (he decided to go to the church to find peace!!!) and met with him and figured out what was going on.  Great lesson and introduced him to the book of mormon and taught him how to pray.  Met with him again the next day and before even teaching him, he said he read.  I committed him to be baptized on the spot without even hesitating.  He ACCEPTED a baptismal date for next sunday the 21st of September!!! He came to church on sunday and told me he had kept reading and praying and that every time he does it, his depression goes a little bit lower.  What a wonderful sign of the holy ghost working in this mans life!  I testified to him and he was happy to be getting baptized!  Then he told me that he would be getting baptized on the same day that Joseph Smith was visited by Moroni!  Wow I didnt even know that!  He was excited throughout church and he told me afterwards he cant wait to get baptized, but that he knows he needs to give up smoking!  I didnt even tell him yet!!! hahaha wow but he is super prepared by the Lord and I pray that he will be ready for baptism!!!


So Other stuff from this week!  We had our talent show on Saturday night and we spent alot of this week preparing for that.  Getting food for everyone and stressing if it will be enough etc etc.  Having to setup a sound system for something that I had never done before.  Working with sound and lights and getting people to actully come.  It worked!!! So many members and non members came, and ryan came for a little bit too!  I spun an umbrella like a mace, we had some singers and some performers.  REally fun!!! IT was super exciting after all the stress melted away.  People loved the food and the show went really well! The bishop was really surprised it was cool!   


One of the best things that I heard this week was from President and he told us of the old days where the missionaries would "cast their nets" and would bring in "tons of fish".  He told us that we arent fisherman and we dont have nets.  We are hunters and we bring them in one at a time.  We work on them, spend time with them, and some get away.  But the ones that come in are worth it.  


Super cool week and I hope everyone at home is having a good time and enjoying the season now that school is going back into session!  Busy days and busy weeks but dont forget God in everything you do


Love all of you!


Elder Yamagata

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