Friday, September 26, 2014

Whoa its been crazy - 9/7/14

This week has been crazy!  Im just going to give highlights and such.  One, Elder Anderson is gone!  Oh man what a bummer!!!  But in return, heavenly father and president gave me Elder Bak Jong Il, a korean companion from Pusan, who is fun and awesome!  We are having a great time together!  This week has been hectic from all the things going on, with unpacking, and then we having stuff like planning and a huge mission conference, not a whole lot of time to work, even this week.  


So one of the big things I want to share with you guys this week is about our new investigator Ryan Yoo.  On the outside you wouldnt think anything different of this man.  But after meeting with him, everything points to him needing the gospel.  He told us of his severe depression, his thoughts of suicide every single day!  It took me back to when I had my thoughts, I had my times of severe depression, I had problems.  I expressed to him my love, and he accepted it willingly, and I told him of how I was like that, and how I had changed because of the gospel of jesus Christ.  He wanted to know more, but we were out of time.  So we prayed togehter and walked him out.  After I returned back to the room where we were teaching, I reflected over momentarily what I have been through in my life and how because of the Gospel, I have completely changed and have a different outlook on life.  God has helped me so much in overcoming so many things, and I couldnt help but pour out my soul to him in thanksgiving, and maybe some tears might have accompanied it!  Hahaha but I am sincerely grateful for what He has done in my life.  He has changed my perspective on everything and he has given me hope for this life and the life after!  But he is progressing so much and he accepted our invitation to go to church.  He stayed for all three hours and the members loved talking to him.  I have a firm belief that he is preprared of the lord and will accept the gospel into his life!  Everyone pray for him!


Then nothing else really happened this week until saturday!  We had our full mission conference for 추석 which is like korean thanksgiving but it has a bigger focus on the ancestors of your family.  We all went and were taught what the holiday is and where it comes from, and also were taught and sung 아리랑 (if you want to know look at my photos and videos or this link  What a wonderful experience.  We talked a lot about prayer, this months focus, and how it can help us with so much that is going on.  And actually I have been doing a lot of it anyways lately!  Ahaha so go figure, God knows what we need!  The rest of conference we heard some drum performances and a Gayageum performance asa well from other missionaries!  It was sooo wonderful!  Full of the spirit and very fun!  Plus seeing all the other missionaries were good!  Unfortunately we were also informed that it would be the last all mission conference while we were here. :(  Sad!  But with so many missionaries it costs too much to bring them in Gangwando.  Over a couple thousand for them to come into seoul!  So we took a full mission picture to comemerate the moment and then we had some more meetings for training and such.  


So yeah, not much else happened this past week.  Elder Bak is a great comp and we have an awesome time together working and talking about korea and america!  Im learning so much about Korea too!  I learned this past week some old chinese words for wife, girl, woman, etc that have negative connotations in todays society, never would have known that if it werent for elder bak!  Or another korean telling me its wrong ahaha.  


Well I have to go!  Cleaning day today so we have to get our apartment spotless today!  


I love all of you so much!  HOpe everyone is safe!


With much love


Elder Yamagata

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