Friday, September 26, 2014

The weekly newsletter starring yours truly - 8/24/14

ELDER YAMAGATA!!!! Thats right ladies and gentleman this weeks weekly email is brought to you by boshintang, dog soup....


Anyways!  This week was amazing so Im going to just tell you the juicy parts and skip the not so fun parts!  


First off, been riding a spiritual high lately as I seek the spirit out in everything I have been doing and have literally felt the spirit telling me to do certain things, ask certain questions and thank heavenly father for all that he has given me.  It has been really good especially writing down all of my spiritual promptings to be able to discern what future ones look like and how to figure out if it was from the spirit or not.  


So we met with our less active Matthew a lot this week.  The first time he taught us some korean because he is trying to get certified to teach korean to foreigners and so he needed to film himself doing it so that he could send it to the accreditation center to raise his chances.  The second time he actually called us and set something up so that we could go over and he talked to us about his baptism and his desire to come to church.  That night on saturday the bishop stopped by and ended up meeting with him and talking to him fora bit during class which was super cool and exactly what we needed!  Then on sunday he showed up!!! Super awesome, and stayed for all 3hours!!! Very nice!  He even expressed his desire to us to find his baptismal record so that when he moves to canada he can still be part of the church!  Super sick we are really excited to finally get him back to church!


Our other less active Yoon Yun Sup we met with this week a lot too.  The first time we helped him progress in his desire to family history work and help those of his family members who are passed the veil. He is excited to do the workand see his family roots.  The second time we met we explained the importance of coming to church in order that he can go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.  He said he would come, and then suddenly near the end the bishop decided to drop in on our lesson right after he got off work and share his testimony about the temple and about coming to church and he said he would come. The third time we met this week we went into main seoul and visited the temple and family history center with him and helped him do more with his family history by having access to the records there.  Then we took pics in front of the temple.  What an amazing experience forall of us!   Unfortuanately though... he didnt not come to church and would not answer his phone yesterday.  So we are going to meet with him this week and see what happened!


OUr investigator Jason has been doing well this week with keeping the word of wisdom and everything.  On monday after p day we met with him and were able to give him a blessing of comfort in preperation for his job interview on tuesday.  He texted us the next day and said that his interview went great and that he had never slept so well before an interview.  We were super excited to hear that and everything else.  He is still having troubles seeing that we arent just telling him to come to another church, but we are telling him to come to the true church, which is somethign a lot of koreans struggle to understand it seems.  We are trying really hard to explain to him, and we think next time we will teach solely in korean so that he cant understand a little better about what we are trying to say.  Other than that he isdoing really well.  


This friday we also had the pleasure to go with our bishop to a less actives restaurant and eat some reallly expensive and good food there.  The meal for all of us was probably pushing 500,000 won which is around $500.  IT was super good though and we had some duck, pork, and more dog.  IT was really delicious but I almost threw up from wayyyyyyyy too much food!  Elder Kim didnt want to eat and neither did elder Lee so we had to eat more to make up for it.  Hahah whatever it was good food!  


So that about sums up my week.  Some street contacting here and there, some awkward lessons with some school students in the middle of thweek.  and another kid that from middle school and meeting with him and buying him some mcdonalds.  This week was super great and coupled with the spiritual high, I have not had a week like this on my mission yet!  Super great!  I cant wait for this upcoming week to help even more people come closer to the gospel of Jesus Christ and how great a thing this is to have on the Earth.  I pray for all you other missionaries out there too!  Keep up the hard work! 


Your brother in the Lord


Elder Yamagata

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