Friday, September 26, 2014

Family! - 8/17/14

Hey family back at home!  Its been quite some time!  Im gonna skip pleasantries and go right to the juicy stuff this week!  Which probably isnt much but still!


So number one!  We finally had a baptism here in Dobong!  It wasnt mine!  But it was practically the whole districts!  We loved this old man!  He is 84 years old and his name is Lee Bun Ku.  He was Elder Grimshaw and Elder Kims convert and he is the sweetest old man ever.  We have all had some great expereinces with him and although he doesnt remember much when he is taught, he has a sweet spirit and wanted to be baptised!  We know he will do well in the ward, they love him so much!  When I went to go see him he showed us his cheap mosquito killing spray, Called Good night. And then he turned and said in his small voice, "Good night moki" and sprayed a little bit.  It was probably one of the cutest and funniest things that I have ever seen an old person do!  He was extremely prepared by the lord and even defended his faith before he was baptized.  His son is a Devout Jehovahs Witness, which btw they are really pushing to make it big in korea we see them everywhere, and came to his house to tell his dad that he didnt approve of his joining our church.  His dad responded by saying that Jehovahs witnesses dont even accept god, so it doesnt matter what he thinks, he was doing it anyways!  It was awesome!  We saw the pamphlets at his house and we got worried but he picked them up, laughed and said they oppose god!  We all felt the spirit from this old man!  He has lived through a lot, and has finally found the true church of Christ that will bless his life!  I love this man and I will attach a pic!  Even though its not my baptism I still care a lot for this man and we feel like it was the entire districts baptism!  


Saturday and friday were spent preparing things for the baptism, cleaning the font, fixing the boiler, doing the interview and everything else.  On top of that, on thursday and friday I was "benched" as I had to stay home and take care of elder grimshaw while Elder Anderson and Elder kim did exchanges to cover appointments!  It was super fun and also kind of weird, I was basically alone for 6 hours on thursday, and I spent the entire time cleaning our house!  Its still not entirely clean, but its a giant dent in it!  Elder Grimshaw was downed with a nasty flu thing that took him out of everything. It was cool though to stay in and get stuff done.


Tuesday was a temple day and it was great to be able to go to the temple to do the ordinances for the lord.  I was inspired to do initiatories again and it was fun!  Me and elder Anderson did them together and had a blast talking to the ordinance workers, feeling the spirit, and doing this amazing work of salvation.  After the temple it was a great chance to catch up with some people.  It was also a great surprise to receive not only a package from my mom with all kinds of goodies, but also a package from my dad with similar stuff!!! THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!! I love you guys!!! Getting stuff from home is always fun!  And getting food that you don't have to pay for or that you cant find in Korea is always nice too!  


We have been working alot with Jason, our referral from the sisters that we started with last friday! He does the family english program and then we teach him afterwards for 30 minutes.  He seems really interested in the messages that we present, and loves that in our church we believe that we can be in our families forever.  Hes a presbyterian and goes to pray at church everyday!  But we think that he will follow christ and become baptized and be a great member.  THe only thing he had a problem with was the word of wisdom when we taught it.  He seemed very hesitant to accept it, and he didnt, but we are going to try and push him into following it for just a day or two and then longer.  Hopefully we can show him the blessings of following it.  


So that is about our week!  Me and Elder Anderson are chugging along and doing good work here.  Everytime we teach we can feel the spirit and know that we are doing the lords work here in korea.  I love to know that I am an authorized representative of Jesus Christ here in korea and that I carry his Priesthood, and the authority to exercise it on behalf of him here.  I see the blessings of the gospel in my life daily, as I change and try to become more like our Savior.  This gospel is a gospel of change, and if you are not moving forward, your moving backwards.  Make sure that we are always trying to better ourselves and become more like Christ.  I can promise that as you do so he will bless you in ways you never thought possible.  He will flush out problems that you never knew existed.  He will make "Weak things strong."  I recommed obtaining a copy of Preach My Gospel and studying chapter 6 about Christlike Attributes.  Its one of the best chapters there!  



Have a great week everyone!  Love you!!!


Elder Sun Hyung Soo!

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