Friday, September 26, 2014

My Week in a Box - 7/27/14

So this week has been very idk how to describe it.  The beginning of the week was bittersweet as we got so many member meals because A couple of the missionaries here were leaving!  So we had meal after meal after meal..... at one lunch appointment at a buffett we got a call from another member telling us that we would be having dinner with them at nigt... I literally started crying.... I couldnt eat anymore!!!!!!  So much food, but now we are dieting!  Cant eat anymore without getting sick haha.  So the first 2 days of the week was just that.  Meal after meal after meal.  


Wednesday was transfers and we were blessed to be able to have a greenie come into our house by the name of Lee Min Young.  Very nice young kid from the south of Korea.  Defintiely funny guy.  Doesnt mind speaking english.  WE also got another Elder elder Grimshaw from Noekbun area and Sister Choi from Gangneung zone way out east.  So our district changed quite a bit.  Very fun though and excited to be serving with these new people! ^^  


This week we were punked 2 times by our progressing investigator and then on sunday when we called him, this 35 year old mans mom yelled at him and opposed him coming and getting baptized and such.  She called us a Cult church and a cult belief.  We have dealt with that a lot lately, especially as people look us up on the internet. Most people here in Korea dont use Google like we do, they use naver which isnt as good and unfortunately for the church when you look up our church on naver almost all of the websites say that we are 이단, whcih is a cult.... Our church website doesnt show up until the 2nd page I think.  ITs so sad, we even have a QR code to show people our website, and they dont believe it, they go to naver first and then walk off because they think we are cult....I pray taht soon the website will be fixed and people will realize we are not a cult.  


Not much in terms of spiritual things happened this week.  I finished Jesus The Christ in my personal study and definitely learned a lot more about my Lord and Savior.  I highly recommend the book to anyone who is wanting to learn more about Jesus Christ.  I am also trying to read the new testament which is very dry and hard to read sometimes.  But we persevere.  


Since not much spiritual happened this week, Ill share some funny stuff that happened.  First off I deep fried Fried Chicken for lunch on wednesday, very scary, didnt know waht I was doing.  But it came out alright and I also made french fries.  Everyone was kind of freaked out because the oil was splashing everywhere!!!  On thursday we went subway jundoing and I bought a stretchy fanny pack.... Its Helpful ok??? It really is nice to not have everything in your poickets got all sweaty from working outside all day.  My pants ripped when I tried to lift Elder Scalfs box.  Very sad day for my pants :(   I Ate Jellyfish and Octopus in one sitting.  Very cool, pictures online now.  Found a waterfall near our house, that we are probably going to visit soon!  It rained for 5 straight days here!!!! So crazy!  And I made videos of some basic korean words and grammar that you can use?  I dont know but email me what you want to hear and Ill make a video of it~!!!  I also Found out that the old korean but still very common word for wife is "Our House Person" small explanation in the videos!  


So yeah, not much happened this week, we are hoping to meet with some people this week and hopefully we will start seeing some progress here again in Dobong.  We found out from President this week that a couple of years ago that the devil really got into the ward here...  He wouldnt tell us specifics but that it really messed up the area and we are still fixing it now.  Very creepy!!!!


So I hope everyone at home is doing well, I heard there are some new additions to our family and so I cant wait to hear and see pictures of everything!  Congrats to everyone, you are all in my prayers!  Love all of you!


Are you my Yobo?


Elder Yamagata




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