Monday, August 10, 2015

Long Days, bad knees, and a new mission president!

You know, you get attached to someone after having them with you guiding you and showing you the way for 1 1/2 years.  And then one day they are gone, replaced by another.  That's what it was like with President Christensen leaving.  Last week we got our last email from him.  Then he was gone, and we soon met our new mission president, President Sonksen from Columbus Ohio.  He was great, a little pushy trying to get on our good side but I didn't mind.  He is a great guy.  We met him on Saturday and him and his wife are pretty funny.  The only pretty crazy part was when he showed us a picture of him and his wife with President Christensen and his wife in front of the mission home.  And then he told us that right before they left he pulled President Christensen aside and that's when Christensen broke down and cried.  The only time I have ever heard of President crying.  It was pretty emotional. everyone in the meeting had a tear come to their eyes.    But our new mission president is really funny.  Spiritual and kinda wacky.  Owns a peanut butter company in Ohio and is just a fun loving guy.  He interviewed all of us and during my interview I asked how we could help him and he said "No stress, lets have some fun"  I'm ok with that!!!  The best part of the entire meeting was this one part, nothing really special being done, but I had this overwhelming feeling that he was supposed to be our mission president.  It was that confirming revelation that he was supposed to be our mission president.  No ifs ands or buts about it.  It was a great comforting spirit.  I am really excited to work with him.

Also at the conference I met with one of the other missionaries who's a nurse and was able to get my knee checked up.  I haven't really been able to kneel down properly for about 6 months, and the past couple of weeks its gotten worse where I cant bend or anything so finally got it checked out and I might have tendonitis.  Not for sure but definitely could be a thing.  So I am working on it right now wrapping it everyday and taking pain killers.  Its not super fun but it works still right???

Yeah, nothing super special really happened besides the conference this week.  Me and Elder Jeong  are loving being with each other.  We are super funny together.  He's a little shyer I'm a little louder and it works out perfectly with each other.  We have been pretty busy running around meeting the few people we do have and doing service projects.  This past week we did a probably 7 hour long service project where we just farmed one this person's place.  It was really exciting, but it killed my legs! 

Also yesterday evening we met a man named John.  We were a little worried about how it was going to go.  But afterwards he started asking some really good questions and was getting into it.  In HIS closing prayer, he asked God to shed light on the book of Mormon and help him to see the world in a new light through it.  It was a great miracle and the spirit was super strong throughout the entire lesson!  Pray for him please!!!! We are hoping to get him to church this week!

Well, I'm excited for this upcoming week, we have a lot of stuff going on with investigators and less actives being met.  We are hoping to get a couple of people to church this next week too.  We are hoping to be pretty busy.  

Love all of you and have a great week!

Elder Seon Hyeong Soo

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