Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey yall

Not much happened this week spiritually, which is a bummer because I feel like it should have happened.  Lots of interesting events but nothing really stands out which is a bummer.

Anyways Ill guess I'll tell you all the cool highlights from this week^^

1.  Pday was uninteresting.... got hauled by a mean taxi driver that took us on a long route on purpose so it would cost more.  Bummer.

2.  Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Larsen who goes home now in 3 days.  It was fun to be with an old missionary again and see the difference in the missionary work that we do together. 

3.  Thursday another blazing hot day in the heat as we went farming for a service project

4.  Saturday I arm wrestled a ~70 y/o man on a bus stop bench because he challenged me, I won 3 times in a row at Korean arm wrestling, Got my transfer call, I will be staying, elder Jung is leaving me :((((

5.  I talked with bishop and next week I will be interviewed by the high council and asked to serve as ward clerk. Haha also did my first tithing count with bishop.  Super fun!

So as I wrote this something actually did kind of happen this  week.  I have had some subtle impressions to work harder lately, maybe because I'm going home soon, maybe for other reasons.  Anyways I've been getting this vibe for a while.  About 3 months maybe.  And I've been slightly ignoring it, rationalizing that I've ben working harder.  But this week it was unignorable, I needed to work harder, this was unacceptable.  So I told elder Larsen on my exchanges that I wanted to be trained on how to work harder, specifically in 전도 (probably not the most fun thing we do as missionaries).  And this is how I know it was inspired haha, he said, actually I felt the same thing. Perfect.  You know I was in for it though. 

And we rocked it.  Went out and threw done with a bunch of people.  It was super fun, definitely still hard, but missionary work was never meant to be easy. 

SO I hope that that training sticks to me, I got 3 transfers, 4 fast Sundays, 18 days, 18 weeks, 4 months, 129 days, however you want to look at it left on my mission.  And I need to rock it harder.  Throw down more, and call the peeps to repentance!  I'm excited so pray for me!

Love 여려분,


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