Monday, August 10, 2015

Dirty Week!

This week was quite a bit dirty, but I'll skip straight to the spiritual and fun!

So first off, the temple this week was awesome.  I was able to serve another missionary in our mission who is about to go home and it was one of his last times going through the temple.  I wanted to go through in Korean and so I obtained a translator for myself.  Unfortunately, the session also had all of our Koreans in it too and they needed the translators.  There was one extra one left and my friend Elder Buck was going through for his last time.  I decided to give it up for him to be able to go through in Korean.  It was rewarding and I felt great about it.  Got a lot of revelation that day on repentance and on who we are meant to be.  It was a really great day!  Spent the day with our companions down at Dongdaemun Market!

Then on Thursday we had a "fun" experience.  While farming for a service project, which was suppppppper hot, I happened into a small wasps nest.... great.... I was stung twice which SUCKED! Oh man, hurt soooo bad.  Ouch.  So had to take a break for a while.  Then a little while later we found another nest, this time of fat hornets.  Well, elder West tried taking them down, and he got stung 3 times, the next day we were at the hospital... Arm swelled like a balloon.  Oh man.  So we spent some time at the hospital on Friday.

Then Saturday the fun happened!  We hosted a Hot Dog party at the church building for the members and for investigators.  It was a great success!  I was outside cooking in the rain for a while, but it was a great experience.  Gained a lot of trust from the members and from the other investigators.  We watched meet the Mormons together and the investigators liked it.  Well, the ones who stayed at least.  

Then Sunday, it got super spiritual.  Quickly.  Me and elder Jung were finishing our companionship inventory, which is what we do every week to tell each other how we are doing good and how we can do better.  It was a great session of being able to tell him a little about how he's grown and what he could do better this next week (for people who have not served missions this isn't mean or weird, it's actually a really great way to improve and become a better person, its all very loving. No harsh words).  anyways, elder Jung started off with what I did well this week, and he mentioned having some thoughts come haunting from his past, and some stress about his future.  I decided to probe to see if there was a problem with my companion that I could help with.  So I asked a little bit and he let out what he was feeling.  And the spirit prompted me to start talking, I didn't know what about, but I knew I needed to start.  We talked about his growth, my love for him, and why I push him to work harder.  It ended 20 minutes later with my bearing testimony, crying, not being able to hold back my love and my appreciation for him coming out to serve his own people.  And how he was going to work great miracles both now and in the time to come.  I felt the spirit so strongly work through me to help him.  Because he got up and gave me a hug and I could feel him sobbing a little bit, because he knew that people trusted him to do his best, even if he didn't feel like it.  I know that God worked through his servant that day to help his children. I know that we are all here to help everyone, other missionaries too.  

So it was a great week.  To be an instrument in the Lord's hands is truly a great experience.  I still am amazed like once a week that a couple of years ago I was a high school punk.  Troubled and not doing much.  Never giving a thought to God.  And now I'm in Korea trying to serve him.  Hope I do well!  

I'm grateful for everyone's prayers and for all that you have done for me!  I hope everyone is doing well at home and that nothing crazy has happened.  Got to go this week

선형수 장로 

oh ps

I was almost called as the 2nd counselor in the bishopric on Sunday... till we thought that I had to be a high priest.(unless they get special permission)  So I might be the clerk instead now haha, missionaries do everything here! Love it! 

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