Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey, fam bam! - June 28th

Hey, fam bam!  I hope everyone is doing well, I am doing super good here in 춘천 (pronounced Choon Chun) Really great place kind of like Taebaek if you remember what it looks like there, if not look at my pictures.  ITs just about the same except the city is a lot bigger here, which isn't much but still it's bigger.  It's definitely fun, I'm serving with another Korean companion Named Elder 정우림 (Pronounced Jung Oo Reem).  Funny thing about his name, he is literally named after the Urim...the one that joseph smith used.  Yeah, same word, asked him and he said yes that's where it came from, and his brothers name is 덤임 which is Thummim....Their names are Urim and Thummim super funny!  He's a great guy from the south of south Korea around a place called Busan.  Studying Electrical Engineering with a focus on Semi conductors.... ~-~  몰라!!  ㅎㅎ anyways hes super cool and we have been working super hard.  Just like Elder Barr I'm greenie breaking him.  Which means he just finished his time with His trainer and im his second companion.  Its pretty hard sometimes but elder Jung is open to ideas and is ready and willing to learn.  Immediately within a day I saw the way he prayed and studied and everything change.  He is like a sponge soaking up everything so that he can improve on his skills as a missionary.  If anything I would say being a greenie breaker is better than being a trainer, because I see these young missionaries take what they have and then they run and try to be the best they can in such a short amount of time.  It is really incredible.  

Other than that not much has happened this past week.  It all seems like such a blur.  I got here and immediately just got to work.  Had meetings and lessons and English class.  Teaching investigators and then a baptism all of a sudden from elder Larsen and West.  Met the ward on Sunday and now we are here.  

I do want to share one spiritual experience though.  Yesterday we had a planned dinner appointment with our member Seo Jong Oon and we had planned to talk to him and his wife about prayer.  Elder Jung had told me that she was a little less active and that he worked a lot on Sundays so coming to church was hard and so I thought a message about prayer would be perfect.  So we meet them and eat and have a fun time and when the message comes around Elder Jung just starts talking about the plan of salvation.  And I was startled for a second but then just kept going and worked with it and gave a great lesson on the plan of salvation and sharing it and the peace it brings to our lives through our examples of Christlike love and service.  It was amazing.  We walked out and I asked him about it, and he told me that he wasn't sure why, but he felt like talking about it.  That that would be better for them than anything else.  He said he debated it for about 15 minutes while we were talking but didn't know how to alert me to it.  Finally, he just decided to do it and that whatever happened happened. It was amazing to me to see clearly that it was a spiritual prompting to talk about it, but he never realized it.  So it was this excellent opportunity for us to talk about how the spirit talks to us and how we should respond when it does.  He was surprisingly not very knowledgeable of the subject of the spirit and so it was a great teaching moment.  

Well like I said hope everyone's doing well over there.  We get some tidbits of the news now and then and I can see a couple of the things going on over there and I'm glad I'm over here right now! Haha, but its great and I have to enjoy my time here because it is coming to an end soon.  There are still so many people left to find and teach and help and so we gotta get out there and do the work!  President Sonksen comes this week and president Christensen leaves on Tuesday so we are sad and happy!  WE will see how it goes!

Anyways love all of you and have a great week!

Elder Sun

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