Monday, June 15, 2015

Wow, this week was pretty same but always different! - May 31st

Wow, this week was pretty same but always different.  Isn't that always how the work goes?  We do the same thing every day and somehow always get different results! Well, this week started off with a great exchange with my zone leader Elder Fronk. Great example, we got out the door and just started working our butts off.  We were supposed to have an appointment, but he bailed out so it turned into an 8-hour proselyting day.  Woo... (Or so I thought).  It was a tough day for sure, no one likes being outside for 8 hours in the blazing hot sun.  But we worked our butts off and actually contacted so many people we ran out of cards.  So we went less active hunting and finally confirmed that someone moved that I had been trying to do for like 3 transfers!!!  Super great blessings!

Then nothing much really happened until Thursday?  The district had planned to street board all together, but last minute everybody bailed on me, including my companion.  I sat at a corner trying to get people just to put a sticker on our board, when this walking advertisements for a bar nearby selling soju walked by yelling "How much is soju?" "2 dollars buy one get one free!"  I sat there. really upset, wondering how on earth can the lords work get done, when all people want is this.  I was so angry at my district, so angry at myself.  Then, this song that I have been singing all week came into my head.  "Should you feel inclined to censure, faults in others you may view.  Ask yourself, ere you venture, if you have not failings too."  I took a step back and was calm and realized it wasn't the end of the world, only the end of a day.  Nobody did anything wrong, they all had stuff come up that needed to be done.  I couldn't look and point fingers when no one else was doing anything wrong.  So I just quietly packed up and said, let's go.  And we went home, I wasn't angry, or upset.  Just done with the day.  It was a super cool experience.

Then the highlight of the week

Friday we were able to have a conference with Elder Richard Maynes of the Presidency of the 70! Wow, what an experience, we were edified and uplifted by the teachings about how to set goals and make plans from a 70!  What an incredible experience.  Then he wanted to do a roleplay and I got chosen!  woohoo!!! Hey its great having spiritual experiences, but it's cool to have some personal experiences too!  We just did a quick 5-minute long roleplay about how to plan and exercise faith as we plan for our area.  It was really cool!

The spiritual thing that happened this week though was the continuation of the 40 days fast, spiritually, from things that I am giving up in my life.  I can see the effects of it already as I feel less willing and wanting to talk about or bring up things that I am trying to give up.  I have more strength, and can feel the spirit prompt me  to stop even other things from being brought up.  It's pretty interesting how it works.  Like I said last week Sacrifice=Blessings.  I'm excited to keep this up these next couple of weeks!

Me and Elder Barr talked a lot this week about the Pharisees and the Letter of the law vs the Spirit of the Law.  He was studying about Christ in Jesus the Christ and was reading about the healings on the sabbath that Christ performed.  The Pharisees would get mad because it was against the traditions of the elders of Israel, but it wasn't against the spirit of the law which is to follow christ and do good things on the sabbath.  When he said that I related it to missionary work, life in the church, or even just life in general.  You live life the way you want to, as long as your obedient, keep all the rules you are given, etc.  As long as you do that, no one can say your wrong, even if you're doing it differently.  It really helped him open up a little bit and understand a little more.  We see traditions a lot here on our missions and in the church, and some people become like the Pharisees and Sadducees when they see people stray from them, but as long as we are being obedient, keeping covenants, commitments, and etc we are A-OK.  The spirit will tell us all things that we need to know, including if we are doing something wrong.  It was a great parallel between Christ's time and our day!

Well, I hope and pray everyone is doing well!  We are working harder than ever here in the mission.  Everyone is doing what they can to help others come unto Christ.  With President Christensen leaving soon, we are a little bummed, but at the same time we are excited for President Sonksen to take his place here in the mission!  

I love all of you and miss the fam and friends soo much.  Thank you for the prayers!  I and my companion feel the love and the power that comes from them and we will continue to work hard every day supported by that power!  

Elder Seon Hyeong Soo

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