Monday, June 15, 2015

Family!!! Hows it going??? - May 24th

Well this week has been interesting as always!  We have been working hard, and its at those times that the lord tells us to work harder!  He has been pushing me to work harder, go farther, find more, and talk more to his children.  But I WANT to do it!  I want to do more!  

It wasnt too exciting this week though only 2 really things that happened:

1: our church was under sconstruction this week, so during district meeting on wednesday, we had it outside!  It was a beautiful day and the lord really blessed us with less traffic for a couple of moments while we were training.  It was a cool experience, and afterwards we had ice cream!!! Sick!!!

2.  I had an idea this week, and it was epitomized by our AP (assistant to the president) coming to our area on exchanges.  It started off with him stating "Elder Yamagata sure knows how to explore the trust box"  (the trust box being a joke that president has, as long as you stay in the trust box yo udont have to get onto the metal box and fly home).  And then I said "Well funny you mention that, today we are going fishing."  And then we tried the new idea, get up on a box or podium and start talking to everyone!  And it worked!!!  WE talked to sooooo many people!  Our AP laughed at the idea, but thought it was great!  

Im really happy that I am different, I do "explore the trust box" I can get out there and think of those new things that Will help the mission out!  Its great!

Also at the end of this week, studied sacrifice!  Its time to make even more sacrifices for the Lord and do his work!  As the scriptures say:

 33 So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh notalthat he hath, he cannot be mdisciple.

If I cant give everything up, I cant be HIS!  So I gotta do it!  

Anyways!  Hope everyone is doing well!  Have a great week!

Elder Sun!

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