Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weeks of Miracles!

Wow what an amazing week, Im coming to love the 도봉 area a lot more!  Some highlights for this email!

-Me and Elder Anderson went on a date ^^
-We baked brownies for a member, but ended up eating them 
-I did all of my zone leader pass off! And Most of my Assistant Pass off!  
-We were able to meet PJ Rogers at a zone conference!  I won a tie from him ^^
-I had a quote from my history teacher in High school fill my mind as I bore testimony of the restoration to an investigator
-Baptismal Dates for DAYS!!!! Not really but we got one this week!
-Called cute during English class by some old ladies....
-Heard from the Temple President in church, called the whole congregation to repentance!

So explanations now that your appetite is whet! (in order)

Me and Elder Anderson were supposed to have lunch with a nice old lady from our ward who wanted to treat us to lunch.  We showed up and they brought out the food from this nice restaurant, and as we were about to pray and start eating, she starts to get up and says that she has another appointment that she has to go to and that she just wanted to but us lunch.  So she excused her self from the meal and left me and elder anderson alone eating together.  Very weird but it was good food.  

So one day we were walking and it was hot, we had our lesson punk on us and we found out that two members of our ward were getting married this weekend (on this past saturday) in the temple!  We wouldnt be able to go to the temple but we thought about doing something nice for them.  So Elder Anderson and I thought it would be a good idea to bake brownines and then draw a temple them.  So we baked them and then didnt let them cool before putting the icing on, and it melted all over the place.  We didnt want them to see the horrible looking temple, and pplus for some reason they got hard, so we just ate them at our house haahah.  

I had to go to the Ssangye Area for my Zone leader Final pass of this week and PASSED!! Then on Saturday our Aps called and said they had time for me to go into Gwanghwamun and Do Ap Pass Off.  So we made the trip and saw the beautiful palace and a glimpse of the Blue House (the Korean Presidents House).  Went up to the office and did most of my AP pass off, it was super hard but super fun, and Elder Fonnesbeck taught me a lot!

On thursday we had a surprise? (I cant translate the feeling from korean) zone conference with PJ Rogers!!!!  He is a very famous radio and TV talkshow person who also is an entrepeneur and now teachers international business at BYU Hawaii.  He was also the first American and english speaker to Graduate from Yonsei University with a PHD in International Business, in KOREAN.  He took all of his masters and PHD in Korean!  What a trip!  HE talked to us about learning the language better (his pronounciation is flawless, most people thought he was korean until they saw pictures of him), how to build 정 with the members (the closest definition I can give is an extremely strong emotional attachment), and how to deal with stuff that doesnt exist in America, but which we deal with in america all the time.  It was a really great conference!  We laughed soo hard when he spoke korean and showed us how we actually need to speak it, and the koreans laughed when he would explain things to them about the stuff they do that they dont think of.  IT was a really great experience, and I won a tie from him from BYU Hawaii and an Alumni Pin for knowing a certain Hanja from a word that he was describing to us.  He was an awesome speaker!

As I sat talking to our invsetigator Kumar, a thought came into my head that at first I didnt think was real.  Mr. Howe my highschool govt teacher told me on the last day of school "Benny, You will either end up rich, or in prison"  At the time I didnt know how to respond or act to that, so I just tucked it away.  But as that thought came another one came too "He that hath eternal life is rich"  So as I bore my testimony to Kumar about the restoration and about how happy he could be, my heart swelled as my teachers prophesy came true, I am rich now, but not the way he was thinking!

So our investigator Matthew, we met with him again this week after finding out he wants to be baptized.  We talked for a bit about it and how he felt, then he asked when Elder Anderson would be leaving Dobong. He answered probably the end of July, to which he responded "I want to get baptized before then."  What a miracle!  Someone who hasnt shown any interest in the church in 2 weeks now has a baptismal date for the 19th of July!! we are super excited for him and hope that he can recieve baptism on that day.  

Short story, We were sharing our favorite actors in english class and someone said Brad pitt, I said I wish I could look as good as him and like 3 old ladies all said I was more handsome then him... hahah and one young woman, still older than me though ahaha

And this past sunday our Temple president came to our ward and talked to the ward.  He told them "If you have thoughts like 'I dont have enough money to go to the temple, I'm too busy to go to the temple' or anything like that, Repent Immediately"  It was very powerful and I know that some of the people were shuffling around in their pews because they felt the spirit telling them they need to go to the temple.  Such an awesome experience to hear that!  I wish I could do that!

That was my week in a nutshell!  Hope everyone at home is doing swimmingly and that the Spirit is constantly residing with all of you!  Strive to do everything you can to live in Harmony with the Teaching of the Gospel and the Spirit.  I know that as you do, heavenly father will bless you with what you need.  He will make heavy things light, and bear you up.  I know thats true, especially as a missionary!  I love all of you back at home, have a great week and be safe!

Elder Yamagata
선형수 장로 ^^

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  1. Wow that was a very inspiring blog! We miss you but know you are doing His work, it was what was meant to happen! Love you Leslie and Freddie!...��