Sunday, June 29, 2014

Miracles, HO!!!!!!


so I will probably only focus on those haha!

So Monday I was on exchanges with Elder Harrison, my zone leader.  I dont know why they wanted to go then but it worked out for the better.  I went to their area of Sanggye thats right next to mine and we mostly jundoed all day.  Near the end of the street contacting time, right before we were going to go home to eat dinner, I met a kid and decided to talk to him, Elder Harrison right next to me.  Turns out he speaks flawless english and goes to Seoul University (the hardest college to get into here in Korea).  So we talked for a while before coming to the subject of families.  After we hit that, I took off, talked about temples and eternal families and marriage and how our church is centered around families.  Then after all that, he had to leave.  Such a bummer!  But we were able to set up a time to meet with him and got his phone number, the missionaries over in Sanggye should be meeting with him sometime this week!
Tuesday Was temple day!!! I always love temple day and the opportunity we have to renew our temple covenants while also blessing the lives of deceased people who have not had the chance to receive these ordinances.  Such an amazing experience.  But I met someone in the temple who had an interesting last name: Oshima. The first time that I have seen that since looking at my own family tree, wayyyy back on the line. I asked him about his family history, and he said that the last oshima was his grandmother!  He was probably already two generations ahead of me, so up to 5-6 generations ago I migght be related to him!  Crazy!!!!!
Wednesday- nothing much actually happened on wednesday haha, It was a decent day and we Street contacted a lot and then went to english class!

Thursday- Did pass off and almost finished Zone leaders final!!! So excited!!! \I am sooo close to being a certified teacher!  After that we bounced and met the new bishop for lunch and to talk about the work in the ward.  Definitely fun and super yums food ^^ ~~~ After taht some jundo life for a couple of hours till dinner.  After dinner unfortunately we got punked and the guy didnt show up for his appointment, but not all was lost!  WE had a Less active lesson set up and went to meet him at his house.  We talked about the restoration, but also a lot about temples!  Seems like a lot of our talking this week has been about temples!  He was super interested again and the spirit was so strong as we taught and then talked about temples with him.  After wards he bought  us some Jajangmyon and it was super delicious!

Friday-  After a nice weekly planning session to get ready for our next week, we met with an english class member named Matthew who works at a school nearby.  As we were preparing for him, I thought that temples would be a good topic again, so we went over and talked about temples and about the restoration.  Elder Anderson has been meeting with him for 4 transfers (or about 6 months ago!) and has not seen any progress.  This time we met and he talked with us about possibly converting and some of the things that he would have to give up.  I shared with him the difficulties that I had when I was following the commandments, and the blessings of giving those things up to folllow the lord.  It was super powerful and super spiritual.  (We ended up finding out on saturday that he called the sisters and told them hes joining our church!!!!)  SOOO SICKKK!!!!

Saturday - We had some jundo time and then afterwards I baked a cake fora  less active that we were going to start fellowshipping.  Then we had english class, the miracle for this day actually happens on .....

SUNDAY!!!!- So the man that we baked the cake for and dropped it off wast home, but then on sunday he walked to church!!!! Soooo crazy!!! And the less active we talked about temples with and the restoration at his house who bought us noodles came to church as well!  Soooo many blessings!  And then after church we had a lesson with another less active who anderson has been trying to meet for several months, who finally agreed!  We watched the prophet of the restoration with him and then talked about guess what.... Temples with him!  They were in the movie alot and he asked about them so we talked about them a little bit and showed him pictures of the Seoul Temple.  Sooo amazing!!!! After that we got punked at another lessons but then went home to study, luckily after we got home it started to pour hahaha its been raining all week as its rainy season in Korea now.  

Well Im spirited out now haha Ive been riding the spirit the whole way here and now Im tired haha and I have to get off soon, but just search out for opporunities to help someone around you this week and try to support others!  Also Visit a temple if one is nearby! Do some work!!!

I love all of you!  

Elder Yamagata

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