Sunday, June 29, 2014

New area, new comp!

Dear everyone? home? dont know how to address it now haha......

So this wednesday was transfers and Im now in the Dobong area serving with Elder Anderson, who funnily enough was also trained in ilsan (where I was from) and then moved out to dobong.  This will probably be his last transfer here so thats kinda not fun but we all have to move on eventually.  We had a bit of a rough start as we got into an argument my second day in the area about some stupid stuff, wasnt even his fault, but we smoothed things over quicky and have been working hard ever since.  The dobong ward is definitely a lot smaller than ilsan, only about 30 members go every week.  But we just got a new bishop, literally this past sunday, and so we are hoping for some big changes in how this area runs.  Currently im in another area though, sanngae for the day because im on exchanges with the zone leaders, so im emailing from there.  My new roomates area a little different because its a lot quieter in the house, they arent as loud or crazy as my roomates back in ilsan.  They dont do as much either, but its only been a week and so its gonna take a couple of days to get to know everyone and get there normal side to come out.  Sadly though, I havent gotten a chance to take a picture with Elder Anderson yet, so you will have to wait till next week to see a picture of us togther.  Sorry!  The rest of this week was pretty crazy before transfers.  Last friday we got transfer calls, elder chisholm was kind of disappointed that me and elder smith and elder hendershot were all leaving ilsan, even to the point of saying his last transfer was not going to be fun.  It was pretty sad hearing all of us were going to leave.  So we called all of our investigators and met with them.  Mr Choi the super cool one, took us out to a nice shabu shabu place and we met for a while and he was sad to hear that both of us were leaving ilsan, but we told him about our friend Elder Chisholm and he was happy to hear that haha.  We also met with Bak Young Soo, our most progressing investigator who was also sad to hear that we were both leaving, no one expected our area to be whitewashed!  Everyone just figured I would be leaving, but I guess President Christensen had other plans!  The last guy we met with was Jin Oo, our old progessing investigator.  We met him with elder chisholm and he was super excited to get to know him and hang out with him, so hopefuly our investigators will be well taken care of!  On Tuesday we packed everything away and started to ship it to our new areas, took us about 2 hours but finally got done, They turned down the sisters the first time they tried, but after 4 more people showed up to send suitcases they had to let us thorugh!  Didnt cost much and actually wished they had something like Techbay in america.  It cost me only 15,000 won, about 14.50 in Dollars. to send 2 60lb bags to another city!!! With next day delivery!!! It is dfeinitely crazy!!  Wednesday we went into Seoul and transferred at the Sinchon Building, I left elder Smith, my trainer, for Elder Anderson my greeniebreaker.  Definitely also sad to see Elder Rhodes and Sister Hunsaker dying that day!  They are already back in america returning to normal life.  I dont remember much else from this week, not much has happened here in dobong, except taht we had to sing for church on sunday and it was pretty funny, the music lady wanted us to do some stuff that she said sounded good, but me elder scalf and elder anderson all did music in our previous life and knew it sounded wrong.  Funny stuff.

I hope everyone is doing well at home, family and friends are in my prayers every day!  Pray for the missionaries to find success in everything we do!  WE dont just teach, we reactivate, we build wards and branches, we lift up the members that need it!  So help us in any way you can, even if its just in prayer!  Love and miss all of you!  And Happy Fathers day to all the fathers out there!!!!  Your definitely loved!!!!!

Elder Yamagata

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