Monday, July 14, 2014

근녕 주

그래서 재가 저금더 한글 쓰고싶어요!!!!! ^^


Ok Im done with the korean now!  Too much thinking involved there!!! So hows everyone at home?  Hows the weather? Let me tell you, 90 and 80% humidity is HOT!!!!!  Im sweating my butt off every single day!  This week hasnt been too eventful!  But we have been having a great time here in Dobong, usually just because me and Elder Anderson are super funny together!  We love hanging out and doing work together!  And we KILL it when we hit the streets!  We havent found many new investigators but we are working hard to do so!  


Lately Ive been thinking back to my own conversion story, and how I came into contact with the church.  How I investigated and how I eventually came to my own conviction that the gospel was true.  I have been wanting to relate those experiences to the people I meet, but it is so hard to relate the feelings I felt and the things that I did to become converted to the gospel.  We have been thinking about what we can do to get more people interested in the gospel, it's very hard.  Most people barely listen to us past hello, and I can tell you how many more "Next times"(translated from Korean, they literally just say next) I have had this week.  I had one man tell me "No" when I walked up, I hadnt even said hello yet!  Hahah but its whatever, we work hard every single day, talking to everybody, and hope that God will put us in the way of the one who will listen!  


In terms of a little cultural tidbit, because everyone likes learning about other countries!  Schools here are still not on break, they dont go until the beginning of august and then finish beginning of september.  Most of the kids still go to academy too!  Its incredible how much they study and spend time in school, but I have heard from several koreans that even though they study alot, most koreans dont learn anything!  


On to other mission stuff!  We met an american named Matthew the other day (different from our other Matthew, from now on the american matthew will be referred to as W&D) and had dinner with him.  He shared with us that when his homosexual uncle died, most of his family said he was going to hell for being that way.  After sharing that, elder anderson turned and told him "As a Set apart representative of Jesus Christ, and speaking on his behalf, I can tell you he is not in Hell."  The spirit was sooo strong as he uttered those words, and W&D was very happy to hear that!  It was a great lesson and we shared bits about the plan of salvation with him.  Very fun!  Later on in the week, the sisters called us and told us that they had a referral.  This man is named SHAKA hahah, and he is from you will never guess...... no really guess......




We called him and set up an appointment, he is a nonmember but called and said he wanted to do FHE with us!  We are really excited to meet him and he was super excited to hear that I was from Vegas too!  He invited the whole District over to his house to have fhe so we are all really excited to be doing this!!!!  He seems really cool and fun!


The only downer this week was our other Matthew.  We just set a Baptismal DAte with him last week and we have already lost it.  He didnt come to church this past sunday and told us he doesnt want to learn anymore until he sells his houses which could take a while.  We were a little bummed about that.  


Something funny that happend this week is that the Ward gave us the CMIS list for all the members in the ward, and told us to visit all of them and report back any nuiances to the Bishop.  There were approximately 300 members, 40 are active.  We visited almost 4 pages worth already and almost none live there anymore, Its very sad how many unaccounted Less Actives there are in Seoul, but just shows us how much we need to work on getting them back to Church and activity.  


Well enough of me rambling, we are about to go play a giant game of soccer and have some fun!  I hope all of you at home have a great week and enjoy your time with each other!  Pray for all the missionaries!!!!


Elder Sun Hyung Soo (Yamagata)
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