Monday, November 16, 2015

Time flies quickly, enjoy it while you can

It's been a great week this week.  Had some really special miracles this week and some other cool experiences happen.  Shall we begin?....

The first thing that even happened this week was this past Monday.  We were supposed to have family home evening, but it got cancelled.  So we were sitting there like....."What we going to do? It's Monday night, we always have FHE!"  And we at the same time thought to visit bro. Andreasen.  So we called and started getting on post.  As we did, we ran into a potential investigator we were trying to see for days!  We talked for about 7 minutes before he had to leave with a friend, and right as he left, another potential came up that I haven't seen in 2 weeks.  I thought he was ignoring us, but he's been having phone issues.  Got on the bus and was able to set an appointment with him for the next day (he showed, w00t).  He gets off and who gets on?  Two more potentials, and ones the roommate of the member we are visiting, and a man we have been trying to teach for months!  WHAT??? MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!! #FAITH

Anyways we were able to visit him and what started out as a member visit, turned into a lesson with member present as we focused on his friend, it was spiritually uplifting for everyone!  

Thursday night (this is less spiritual more funny) we have pizza night on base.  So we go on as usual and everyone was on fire that night I guess with "Elder Yamagata needs to repent" jokes.  Haha. funny.  Anyways, after being roasted by a couple of members about how I used the words "crap" and "Lord" in the same sentence (It was a joke by all parties)[Army humor..?] I was talking to Brother Crown about his life and such.  And eventually I said to one-up him, "well you know I'm a missionary.  So I win" to which he replied, "I'm an RM, ha!"  So I threw out "I'm a convert!  Boom!" and then he killed me "Well, I baptized my wife and kids!"  Dangit.... beat me on the baptism card.

The last spiritual thing that happened this week was with this man that we met on the street this past week.  Elder Gildea was prompted to talk to this man getting off the train.  So we started talking, and he looked really off.  So he asked him how everything was going and he let out that he was going through a divorce and that she took all of his money.  We felt terrible for him.  And Elder Gildea was prompted to ask him when he last ate. "three days ago...."  It was hollow, empty.  

I immediately offered to not only buy him some dinner but also some groceries to hold him over to the next payday.  I didn't hesitate one second.  Funnily, Colonel Wing called and was talking about something when I told him what we were doing, and he started to kind of get worried.  Telling us about the different programs the military had.  But I felt no problems, this was a child of god, and he needed help. So I went to it, elder Gildea talked and I shopped.  got him the basics of life.  It was awesome.  I didn't want anything in return, and I didn't expect anything.  The only thought I had was "When you do it unto the least of these, you do it unto me"  And then the thought came in from a talk I heard recently "It's not your job to judge, to assume, to ask questions.  It's simply your job to give to the poor sick and needy, and not tell them how to spend it or anything."  It was a great experience to serve someone, even by doing something so small. 

Well, it was a great week!  And I'm glad that I'm able to serve hard in my last weeks!  It's getting faster.  Everyone tells you that, but it really does get faster and faster.  So I will keep it up and Endure to the End.  Thank you for all the prayers and thank you for the support everyone has given me.

Love you!

선형수 장로
Elder Yamagata
Northern Military Branch
Seoul Korea Military District

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