Monday, November 23, 2015

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Oh man, this week was awesome!  I keep saying that but that's because it always feels like each week was better than the last!

Monday was awesome because of the birthday, and the Wings were nice enough to buy me an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and so we celebrated at Family Home Evening!  It was fun! 

Tuesday nothing much happened.  I went through the temple in Korean and what another experience!  I learned so much that I wish I could share, but... you know!  (It's not secret, just sacred).  But It was really cool and they even changed the voice acting to be ssooooh much better.  Stressfull as junk, though, but it was defintely worth it!

Wednesday, Thursday nothing special happened

Friday we had the wonderful pleasure of going on post to eat with one of our members.  On the way to the barracks, my companion had to hop off the bus all of a sudden and threw up behind the bus stop.  Kind of funny actually.  Didn't want to laugh then but now its pretty dang funny

The really cool thing this week though was that I was able to carve a pig at church on Sunday.  It was super massive and really fun!  The members started laughing and were enjoying my great conversation with the pig.  They always tell me that they like me because I'm not the boring regular missionary that everyone knows, but that I like to have fun within my bounds.  Its really cool to be recognized like that.

Other than that, I have had my nose buried in the "History of the Church in the Fulness of Times" manual this past week.  What a great read to be able to see the church history right next to secular history and be able to understand a little better why certain things were happening in the church, because of what was going on in the world (I cant remember how to phrase sentences anymore...).  I learned quite a bit and it was great to see reinforced that revelation that this church is the "stone cut without hands out of the rock" and it is destined to fill the entire earth.  Which it really already has.  Case in point, Im in korea!  

What a marvelous opportunity though to be in Korea, serving a mission for the Lord.  I have learned soo much, and during this thanksgiving season, I have really reflected on how much we have to be grateful for.  We heard some awesome talks this past Sunday on gratefulness and I was amazed at all the things that I thought of that I can be grateful for.  
So lets all of us try to find something more to be grateful for throughout this week, and as we try we will see the hand of the Lord more in our lives!

Love you!

Elder Yamagata

P.s.: 18days left haha

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