Monday, October 12, 2015

Crazy experience this week

End of the last session of conference, this crazy lady comes to the church that has been hunting down 6 missionaries because she thinks that they are being paid off by an invisible man who is paying the missionaries to be mean to her (inlcuding me now....) and she wanted to talk.  So I took her to another room |(for about the 3rd or 4th time now) and said 5 minutes, she ran past me into the sacrament hall saying "Youve already heard, everyone needs to know how mean all of you are to me! (in korean)"  So she runs into the sacrament hall with 2 students she hired to translate for her, and starts yelling at the branch president and the members in korean, while also yelling translate!!!! It was scary.  She spooked the kids and the memberrs.  branch president handled it like a champ, told his wife to start ushering everyone out, and evacuated it really quickly.  The translators didnt know her or the situation that we have been dealing with her for over a year now.  And so they quickly turned on her and told her to leave and how wrong that was etc.  It was nuts... we were ushered out too so I dont know what happened.  But the branch president told us that after the translators got her out, they walked back and said, "on behalf of all of korea, we are truly sorry for what just happened" hahah.  Crazy!

선형수 장로
Elder Yamagata

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