Monday, October 12, 2015

Conference Weekend

Wow, this week has been pretty great!  Definitely pretty stale for a while.  Had some really 대박 Moments this week.  

먼조 I had like the second member present lesson of my mission this week.  I like Elder Osborne's way of putting it "The best member present lesson of my entire mission and the member took a smoke break in the middle!"  Classic Elder Osborne.  But really.  This week we taught Private Johnson for the first time.  I might have mentioned him about 3 weeks ago when we met brother Pacheco for the first time.  He brought him along to our first meeting then and we were able to talk a little bit, but because of work and military exercises these past couple of weeks we weren't able to meet until a couple of days ago.  But when we met, the spirit was powerful.  And although our member Brother Pacheco said some really weird things, it was great because he is a less active and it was like all the things he was taught were flooding back into him!  He would shout out, "Its freaking sick man!" or when we were close to the story of the restoration of the gospel he yelled "Dude, this is when Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ."  We had to calm him down so that he wouldn't spoil the surprises haha.  It was awesome, though.  He was a little antsy near the end (It went long because of our members comments but that's ok)  But still felt the spirit really strong.  Elder Osborne and I taught with great power and authority.  We are hoping to see him again this week.

Also had president interviews this week.  What an interesting day, especially because I was on exchanges with Elder Gildea, one of the members of my original 동기 (which means same class grade or group, basically the people I came out with) who went home like 2 months in for personal problems.  Now I'm almost dead and he is only in his second area.  How crazy.  But then I met with president and we had some interesting conversations.  He has been worried about me since the incident in 춘천 and even asked me if I wanted to go home with the people going home this transfer.  I was offended and I told him that I felt so, he said good.  I have my whole heart and mind in this work I said.  I'm not ready to go home just yet.  I got someone left to find.  And lo I found 2 this week, and one of them feels right.  Hopefully, I can see a baptism soon!

And to top off the week, GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! Yeah, I know that everyone at home has already seen it, it is not our fault that we have to watch it a week late because of time differences and staying current with the Koreans.  It's pretty difficult sometimes.  Anyways, it was a great conference with some minor hiccups.  I felt like I wasn't getting too much out of it, even though I felt like I was listening even more intently.  And then a lot of stuff just hit me.  I was being told by the spirit  everything that I needed to fix.  Just small things everywhere.  It was great!  I feel like a lot of people run from what they can improve, they don't want to "Repent"  how can we expect to grow and become "Even like He is" if we aren't willing to change and become like him?  It's impossible!  And why wouldn't anyone want to become better?  A better husband or father, mother and daughter.  If we listen to the apostles and prophets and General Authorities of the church we can learn the things that we must do to become the best that we can.  

But otherwise it was great!  Me and Elder Osborne had a blast.  Especially this is the first time that I watched the General Conference with the members.  How weird.  Usually it's just the missionaries in their own room so we can watch it in our own language.  Now it was everyone together.  But it was awesomely fun!  I loved seeing the kids too trying to keep them busy and quiet throughout all of conference.  Unfortunately, president Monson doesn't look too good, hopefully, he will get better soon.  

I felt a strong confirmation that the new apostles were definitely called of the lord and prepared by him to be his witnesses on earth.  How great it is to have apostles and prophets in our day so that we are not here alone, but we have guidance and direction, with the spirit and the scriptures.  People say that God stopped speaking, really we just stopped listening.  The prophet exists on earth, directing Gods true church here in our day.  Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God.  He directs the church and holds all the keys of the priesthood on earth today.  I know it, and I sustain him as the prophet of God.  
So It has been a great week, hope everyone at home is doing well!  I pray for you family and friends all the time as I got about our work here.  Pray for the missionaries!


선형수 장로
Elder Yamagata
Northern Military Branch, Seoul Korea Military District

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