Monday, September 14, 2015

The Peeps

So we will just go ahead and skip all the weird stuff I usually say at the beginnings of these and just opt for the crazy news instead:  IM TRANSFERRING!!!!

How nuts is that??? I just called to be the clerk only 7 weeks ago, and now I'm being called out again, to the last place I thought I would go in the mission, 동두천 (romanized: DongDuCheon).  I'm going to be serving in an English military branch!  I will be working really close to the DMZ!

So that was an upset, but other than that, nothing else really happened this week.  

We had a great zone training on following the spirit and especially on feeling it and recognizing it.  I felt extremely blessed for what my bishop had told me several years ago as I sat in his office talking to him about this strange feeling that I had about some problem at the time.  And he turned and just said "You have a gift for recognizing the spirit.  Moreso than most people."  I didn't know what an impact that recognition was, of that, being able to connect the two pieces together.  At the meeting, our zone leader asked if anyone knew the promptings of the spirit well and acted on them frequently. 

 I was the only person to raise my hand.   

What an interesting experience, though.  I thought it was so easy, it just speaks and you do it.  I didn't know that people struggled so hard to feel the spirit.  The spirit speaks to us in ways that we understand.  For me, it comes a lot through music, and random thoughts.  I know the thoughts arent mine, because I never would have thought of those things.  It comes through the scriptures, as things hit you strongly and you understand them more.  It comes in the form of words, sometimes pictures.  

I dont think any person can explain what the Spirit feels like more than any person can describe what salt tastes like.  We all know what salt tastes like, and quite honestly, most of us feel the spirit regularly, we just dont realize its there.  

Ever since that training I have been trying harder to follow the spirit, to do everything that it tells me to do.  At the training, I told a story about feeling the spirit, and that it comes through my thoughts.  That morning as I was studying, a random strong thought came to me to stop doing stupid things.  I knew what it meant.  So I wrote it down and committed to stop.  That night, the zone leaders went on exchanges with us and came to the house.  The f irst thing that he looked for was my sticky note that said, stop doing stupid things.  It was there, just like I said.

Im grateful that I know the promptings of the spirit.  That the Lord can trust me to do what he wants me to do, without worrying if hes going to pickup on it.  I know that the spirit talks to us in the manner that we will be able to understand.  

Well hopefully more happens in this upcoming week!  Im looking forward to a new companion, even though I love my current one, and my new area.  Im sad Im leaving but happy to go and serve more people!  6 areas!  W00T!

Love all of you,

선형수 장로
Elder Yamagata

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