Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2014

OH MY GOSH! Happy NEW YEARS!!!!! I have had a wonderful and crazy experience this past week!  To be in the MTC during Christmas and New Years is truly Exciting!!!  Let me start from the top of the week since last pday...


So Last P-Day was just like any other, I did laundry and relaxed, sent emails.  Everything was fine till about 4 p.m.  Me and the other zone leader got a report from a district leader that one of his missionaries stayed home sick, but when he wouldnt tell him if he went to the doctor or what was wrong, he brought us in.  We pulled him aside in the residence and asked him if he went, how he felt, etc...  Long story short, he got really hard headed and ignorant, called us idiots (which extremely angered my companion zone leader) and we ended the conversation.  The Other ZL was so mad he punched a door and walked away, the other Elder thought he was trying to fight him and so he called MTC Police!  I spent over 2 hours in the District Presidents Office, sorting out the whole incident and almost getting into a shouting match with the District President himself for how he was handling the situation.  At the end of it all, we settled the problem and learned some things about how we could better handle something like this in the future.  On Sunday, the other Elder who was being hard headed pulled me and ZL aside during the temple walk and apologized, as did we, about what had happened.  It was truly amazing to see his countenance change so much!  He has had problems with leaders ever since first entering the MTC, and for once I saw in his eyes a desire to change and do better!  At the end of our conversation, I gave him a big hug and told him how much I care about and love him.  And I meant it.  That night I went back to the residence and thanked god for helping me in this situation to say what was right and to fix this in the right gospel-like manner.  Unfortunately though, it kinda ruined my pday.... BUT a small sacrifice to pay, to see this elder want to make serious changes in his life.  

  Skip ahead to new years eve! We in K-Town celebrated twice in one day.  Once at 8 a.m. in the Cafeteria where we celebrated with Korea, it was still early for most people so it wasnt too crazy.... But the night!!!! We had about 20 minutes to party before having to start quiet time and go to bed. (We Celebrated with New York)  We went crazy!  Silly string, streamers, whistles and noise makers, a whole lot of food and Sparkling cider from the bookstore.  We were wild! So many pictures and yelling, singing songs and having fun.  It was truly an amazing time to be in the MTC.  

  New Years day was nothing special, just another 15 hours in a classroom staring at the same chalkboard all day.  

  Yesterday was Challenging.  I saw the Lord's hand in my life so much yesterday through my companion and My Teachers.  We had a progressing investigator lesson that was planned to go around 30 minutes.  Unfortunately, me and my companion were pulled to the side and given some personal instruction by one of the zone resources.  It pushed us to the last lesson of the day, with 15 minutes left to teach.  Me and companion hurriedly tried to cut our lesson down to be able to fit it in the short amount of time.  We were not able to do a good job, and the lesson went horribly,  This was the 3rd or 4th time this has happened to us.  As we came out of the lesson, I went crazy and got really mad at life and the situation.  One of my teachers pulled me aside and let me vent and talk to him.  He showed me how it wasnt that bad, and that satan was working on me even harder to stop me from fulfilling my purpose.  He then told me how his day was worse, and afterwards I felt bad for even thinking that my day was bad to begin with.  That Teacher has been there for me since the beginning and I am so grateful he was there at the time.  He always tells us funny stories about him and his new wife and I think its awesome.  We had another lesson later in the day with the teacher who helped me out, And it was amazing!  We taught the investigator part of the gospel of Jesus Christ and he really sucked it all in, agreed to go to church this weekend and repent of sins that he might have committed by praying to Heavenly Father.  I have a resolve know to bring that kind of spirit to every one of my investigator lessons from now on.  


Later on I was pulled aside by the branch presidency and asked to take care of somethings instead of the Senior Zone Leader.  I had to help our new korean natives with temple stuff and showing them around.  I realized later on that the other ZL is being released on sunday, and that I will then be senior Zone Leader.  SCARY!!!! Haha but It wont last long, but I did realize that they are trying to give me more responsibility to know to prepare myself for taking over the zone.  I am so grateful to be in this position to learn the ways of handling things in a christlike manner.  It truly is such a great blessing to guide these missionaries down the right path and help them to become the best missionaries that they can be.  


Well I hope everyone at home had an awesome New Years watching the Ball Drop.  Make new years resolutions and stick to them.  Our branch president told us that even if we only stick to them for a week, we are better than we were before, and we need to get back up on that horse and keep riding.  


I am so grateful for the friends that I have made and the opportunity that I have to be here on a mission for the Lord to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Korea.  The language is hard, the people are different, but I know that everyone has a need that the gospel of Christ can fulfill.  I know that Heavenly Father knows us individually, and that he will help us in times of need.  He can never walk away when he knows we need his help.  He will never deny his help if we are earnestly trying to change.  He is with all of us, every step of every day, walking next to us and trying to guide our lives in the right direction so that everyone can have the blessings of Eternal Life and Families.  저 는 가적을 사랑함니다 ( I love my family ) Love my mom and dad, and I love my Heavenly Father.  Have a great week!  


-Elder Yamagata

Elder and Friends
Part of our branch at the Temple!
Me and Elder Jarrett with Brother and Sister Lee of the branch presidency
Making the someone just farted face!

New Years Eve Party!

Food fest after the ball dropped in NY!

Never a shortage of food in K-Town!

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