Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crazy Week!

Mom and Dad,

So this week has been pretty crazy! Starting with Saturday we had our passdown ceremony as the older elders were leaving us on sunday and had to give us the pass downs that we have been waiting for for weeks!  I received the Zone Leader blanket that has been here since late 2011 and has been signed by every zone leader in our branch!  I had the opportunity to sign it as well, but Havent had a chance to take a picture yet!  Elder Jarrett received the zone leader companions pillow and pillow case haha! He was really happy to have gotten something this time around.  The "Robe that is cousins with Jesus Robe" was passed down.  It was funny but it hasnt been washed in 3 years and it smells horrible!  Haha the Overalls and Boots were also.  It was really fun! 

Then sunday night we were getting really sad as we realized that the Elders were leaving us that morning and it would be the last time we would get to see them! We had an awesome temple walk after sacrament meeting with the Group that was about to leave.  We had a bunch of pictures taken of us and it was fun.  It was kinda sad though because their was a couple of protesters on the outside of temple grounds yelling at us the whole time we were there.   Sunday night we sang "God be with you till we meet again" Really loud as a zone!  By the end of it most of us were crying and hugging each other.  Elders Payne and Peterson were almost bawling, they were trying to hold back, everyone took pictures and then headed to bed sad.

Monday the elders left early in the morning and many of us were sad to have them leave!  But we were pretty good about it.  Elder Munk in my zone was having a hard time getting over the fact that they left, and I saw him leaving the building tearing up.  It hurt my heart to see him like that.  Everyone else was kind of quiet that day.

Tuesday I had quite a bit of surprise.  First off me and the other zone leader had a little bit of contention as we had some differences in opinion on how to deal with the new international missionary coming in that day.  After we had a bit of a difference in the morning, I went back to residence and prayed a lot about what I should do and how I should go about talking to him about how some of the things we have to do run.  After lots of contemplation the spirit started to guide me  what to do and eventually me and the other Elder came together in agreement and shared some good laughs and hugs, ever since then we have been even closer together.  We picked up the new International missionary Elder Dixon from Australia.  As we went to the devotional, we heard murmurs of yet another apostle coming to visit us here at the MTC.  Me and elder dixon took some seats fairly close to the front, if it was an apostle I didnt want him to miss it!  We ended up getting moved to the front row where we sat with all the other MTC presidents who were being trained for the next couple of days here at the MTC.  I sat next to Argentina, Peru MTC Presidents and Hill Cumorah Visitors Center President.  And Elder Bednars Secretary.  Interesting... haha So a couple of minutes later, Elder and Sister Bednar walk through the doors and grace us with their presence.  cool!  sometime later during their talk together, They called me and Elder Dixon up! They wanted us to talk about companionship briefly, Elder Jarrett was surprised haha.  He kept giving me a hard time that I bretrayed him.  I talked for a minute and so Did elder Dixon, but while we were up there, Elder Bednar called him out on his "Dork Dot" The little orange dot that lets everyone know your knew to the MTC.  It was hilarious!!! I shouted back to Elder Bednar that it was his first day and he laughed.  What an awesome experience!  I got to shake Sister bednars hand as we walked up to the Stand. 

Yesterday our zone received 33 more missionaries.  I hosted some missionaries but none of them were going to korea.  It reminded me of my first day here, and how many things were going through my head.  I cant believe im already on my 7th week!  We had new missionary orientation and met some of the new missionaeries, they are really cool.  One of them actually is Lacey's friends cousins haha.  Small world!  Elder Jarrett and I also taught one of our investigators and we finally understood him and taught him that he can receive forgiveness for any sin! He accepted our challenged to pray for forgiveness and come to church! We were really excited!

Today we went to the temple early and several crazy things happened there.  First off, me and several elders and sisters went to do sealings and the Sealer recognized my last name and asked how I was related to Gene Yamagata.  Haha I can never get away from it but its funny and cool at the same time, everyone there was surprised that he knew me.  Secondly, we met some of our branch presidency there and Brother Snow told me how much hes proud of me and how he  cant wait for me to leave to start serving the people of Korea!  I love him a lot.  Finally, as I was walking back to the dressing room, I saw Elder McPherson! Squints!  What a huge surprise as we talked for a couple of minutes before he had to leave to do a session.  Its been such a great time this week and I love it here  so much!  I have learned a lot about the spirit and how much it can teach us if we sit and listen for just a bit.  I am excited for the new missionaries and am also excited that I am getting out of here so quickly! Time flies on a mission and I cant believe Ive almost been out for two months!  The rest of the time will go by so quickly and
soon enough I'll be back at home so I have to treasure my time here!

Hope all of you have a great week and be safe! I love all of you so much!

-Elder Yamagata
Me and several elders and sisters at the temple

Me and elders at the temple

Picture time in front of the Provo Temple

Me and Elder Payne

Me and Elder Peterson

 Me and Elder Hong

Me and Elder Park making a weird face

"What did the fox say"

Photo Bomb!

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  1. Hi Elder Yamagata (and parents), we're so thrilled to have found your blog. We're Elder Jared Dixon's parents. He's just finished recounting to us his story about the dork dot. Thank you for making him feel welcome and ensuring he got up close to Elder and Sister Bednar. He's had a memorable couple of days and says he's met some amazing people. No doubt you are one of them. We see that you've been out seven weeks so will soon be heading to the field. We wish you well. Thanks again, the Dixons