Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy mothers day!!

So not much happened that was that exciting this week!  Like they did but I dont have much time!  So highlights of the week and I will try to catch up next week (probably not but you can ask me details and Ill try later!)


Monday!  Ilsan Horticulture Festival 2014 one of the biggest flower festivals in the world!  so nice!!!! So many pictures!!!


Tuesday:  Not much!


Wednesday:  Zone training!  Learned about being a disciple of Christ and how to apply that more to ourselves!  Watch the Come unto Christ video on!!!


Thursday:  I dont really remember... hahaha


Friday.  Weekly planning with a lesson thrown in.  Afterwards, went less active hunting with Elder Chisholm and Jeong.  Not really fun and ended up on the outskirts of town, 45 minutes away from home at 8:10. Not a very good place to be!


Saturday:  sooo many lessons!  Had 6 scheduled and 4 confirmed but then had to move one to do a member visit with a member of our bishopric, and then another one canccelled saying he had to work!  What a bummer.  But we met with our most progressing investigator Sung Soo.  We taught about the book of mormon and he said I believe it!   We asked him to pray about it and he said he would try!  So we are hoping that it comes to fruition and that his parents dont  반대 us.  It would be a really sad day if that were to happen!



Sunday:  Church was ok, but after church was able to talk to an emeritus General Authority, a 70 who was also President Hinckleys Korean Translator and Who translated the book of mormon the first time.  He was really cool and after talking looked at my name badge and saw that it was japanese.  Asked the kanji roots for it and then made me a korean name based off of it.  I am now 선형수 장로.  (pronounced Sun Hyung Soo) Super cool!!!! I am excited!  Then later we had a missionary fireside that literally 3 people showed up to... Sad, but we had fun with them!  IT was a blast but our ward mission leader was thoroughouly upset hahaa I dont know how to spell that.  But it waas fun regardless!


This week I also just learned more about the power and authority of our calling and the blessings that could come from being obedient and doing everything the lord has commanded us to do!  I will elaborate more hopefully next week!  Now its time to go to Seoul!  


Hope everyone has a great week and It was great to talk to you guys today!  I really miss everyone at home and I cant believe I have almost been out 6 months!  Hope everyone has a great rest of their mothers day!  





Elder Benny Yamagata ^^

My favorite flower!  The Bleeding Heart!

 Some more flowers.....

 Giant roses over 6ft. tall!!

 Gangnam Style!!

Alice in what?....

 Daily occurences!
Sunset in Korea!

Supposedly tow trucks race out here for the tows, they are sports cars through and through and you can hear and see them race each other all the time, they even have turbos on them!

Bus rides make people tired...

Like Elder Smith!

Hananimoe Kyowhey.  Bad romanization there are a lot of sounds I cant type, but eitherway,  Crazy church, believes god choked on noodles, heavenly mother lives in seoul and sells salvation muffins.... no joke

Ward mission leader last night at our fireside!

My new Korean name based off of my japanese name!!!! Exciting!  With the Hanja roots! 

Map of our area where my finger is is where our house is!
Sleeping on the bus... enjoy
More sleeping on the bus....

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