Thursday, May 1, 2014

General Conference weekend!!!!

Mom and Dad,

How amazing is it to be able to watch the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord speak to us throughout the world, warning us and giving us counsel in these days of the things that we need to do be better children of our Father in Heaven.  It is truly spectacular!  I know that there were some things in there that I needed to hear, that helped me grow and have given me things that I need to work on in order to be a better missionary and eventually man, husband, and father!  Just as the prophets of old counseled the people of Jerusalem and ancient America about stuff in their time, it's great to know that Father loved us so much to call another prophet in these days to do the same thing!  

The rest of this week was great too!  Pday was good as Elders Smith, Chisholm, and I went to Frigga (nice buffett) again and had a good bday lunch for elder Smith, he finally hit the 20's and so we had a nice little (Huge) lunch at Frigga, before going to the bathhouse again and relaxing in the pools and saunas.  At the bathhouse though no one could ever guess what happened.... We met our investigator there..... Awkward..... hahaha You truly grow a special bond with someone after an event like that!  Haha anyways, right there in our birthday suits we decided to ask him to meet again downstairs at the Lotteria to get some ice cream and talk about the book of mormon!  We ended up extending a baptismal invitation to him and he accepted!  June 1st is the day! Excellent.  After that we Did some jundo and headed home. 

tuesday had to be one of the busiest days of missionary life so far....Left studies half an hour early to meet our potential Bill down at The burger king... half an hour away.  Anyways we got there and then had to wait 25 minutes because he was late!  finally showed up and then he wanted us to walk with him to Daehwa.... 1 hour away!  So we walked and talked, then he finally had to go, we started walking back and realized we had about 10 minutes to eat lunch before our next appointment!  We grabbed some kimbap then ran to our next appointment, meeting about 10 7th day adventists on the way, who all spoke perfect english, weird.  Our next appointment was with our magic investigator Charlie!  We met him at a Cafe down the street from our apartment so had to walk pretty far again to get there from where we were.  We taught him the whole first lesson and then at the end Elders Chisholm and Smith made me give the baptismal commitment....He accepted!  April 26th is his day!  We then had to run, RUN, from the Cafe to Jungbalsan, about 1 mile away. we made it in time for our next appointment with Moon Gi, who we taught about the Book of mormon.  We might meet with him later today actually.  Then from there we walked about 10 feet and met our next appointment Kang Young Suk.  By this point it was about 5 and we were all starving from not having ate a real meal in about 8 or 9 hours.  He took us to a cafe and we taught him the importance of religion in his life and what the Book of Mormon can do for him.  Very nice man (called me handsome about 4 times in the lesson) and he bought us some smoothies, which held us over as we then had to catch a bus up to Jungsan, which is over an hour away walking, but about 10 minutes by bus.  Finally we met with our last appointment of the Day Tae Oo, whos a little wannabe gangster haha.  Gave him a book of mormon and he asked a lot of questions about god and such so we are really excited to meet with him again and give him a date :)  We walked the 30 minute walk back home, and made it there with about 20 minutes to eat dinner and then plan.  Long day!!!!

Thursday was a very interesting day.  Not much happened till almost 8 where we met with an investigator who's name I dont know.  Anything the only really crazy thing that happened was that Elder Chisholm bore a powerful testimony of the Restoration and the Prophet Joseph Smith.  I understood almost everything that he said and really loved his recitation of the First Vision.  It brought a tear to my eye, very powerful.  This man then completely ignored what he said and then said you need to learn how to receive true salvation.... Then bible bashed us in a calm manner for about 30 minutes.  Irritating, needless to say we werent too happy about that!

Friday I had a very interesting Korean Dish called Soon Dae Guk  순대국.  Ill send pictures but its basically pigs intestine stuffed with noodles and boiled in there blood.  Also on the side is served some random assortment of pork including, but not limited to: Heart Liver Ear Skin, etc... Surprisingly tasty, and one of my new favorite dishes hahaha.  Sounds gross but trust me, delicious!  

Saturday and Sunday we sat at the church almost all day both days and watched conference, ate snacks, and enjoyed the sweet spirit that was with all of us!  very nice day! Sunday charlie came to both sessions of conference and enjoyed it!  He said he loved it and it was amazing!  SWEET!!!!

Anyways this week has been amazing and I am loving it here in korea!  I can believe that I am almost done with my second transfer and done training too!  so excited for this upcoming transfer call to see if I go anywhere!  We will see!  

I miss all of you and love you so much!  Hope all of you have a great week!  

Oh and I loved President Uchtdorfs talk about eternal things, and when he said we dont like endings because we are eternal beings!  Loved it!

Have a great week!

Elder Yamagata
 Silkworm larvae...nuff said
 How I had to study, too bright!
 Cherry blossoms!!!!
 Hard working missionary....
 Doing phone calls!!!
 Twinning at the Department store, same suit, shoes, similar ties, definitely similar attitudes.
 Rooftop gardens are common in korea!
 With an english class member Mike Eating Sun Dae Guk
 Sun Dae Guk upclose, yummy!
 The rest of the Sun dae Guk , the Misc section of the meat!
 Stocked up for conference!
 Here we go!!!!!
 Butter Waffles!  Gods gift to mankind!
 Cat on a leash.... Weird
3somes sure are fun!

There are a couple of me speaking a little bit of korean in here, and us singing Ye Elders of Israel, its not great but hey, korean.

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