Monday, March 31, 2014

갑자기 외국인!!!

Mom and Dad


Man this week has been fun!  Not much actually happened but it was just a great week in general!  I'll give you some of the highlights!


We met with our most progressing investigator twice this week!  Taught him the Plan of Salvation, and he ate it up!  We talked about how he could live with his family forever and have great blessings poured out to him in the Celestial kingdom.  We asked him where he wants to go (Celestial, Terrestial, Telesitial) and He pointed to the Terrestial!!! (Interesting fact: In korean they are actually called the Sun, Moon, and Star Kingdoms when you translate them)  We asked him why and he said something along the lines of "Its cool to be with your boss, but you dont want to be with him all the time!"  Haha its was funny and we explained that as perfected beings, we did want to be with him all the time!  Anyways the only downside is that he will not come to our church..... He reads the book of mormon and all the pamphlets we gave him, prays everyday to know if what we teach is true, but says he still hasnt received an answer and so because of that goes to a 장로교회 (Presbyterian church).  It definitely is a big let down because he is progressing so quickly!  But hopefully soon we will be able to get him to come and start progressing even more!  


We also met with this Friday and had dinner with him.  He was doing well and still had the book of mormon, but because of time and his work is not really interested in learning anymore, only having some foreigner friends.  It was a bit of a let down but we are hoping to meet with him again soon and hopefully get him to feel the spirit again and learn more about the church and see the blessings that come from being a member!  


This week at English class I had the opportunity and privilege to teach the "Basic" class.  I was super nervous at first, I dont know how to speak Korean well enough to teach them how to speak another language!  But the Lord was with me, and I was able to speak, motion, and write to the point where they would understand me.  And we had a lot of fun!  The class was a group of four adults and we had fun talking about Health.  It was fun to be able to act out words like "Sick" "Medicine" and so forth, acting like an old man!  Anyways, when it was time to go downstairs for the spiritual message I didnt want to go!  But it was fun and they said they wanted me back next week!  Success!!!!


We had one twist this week.  Our zone leaders went to the ward council meeting with our Ward Leaders and we found out that: (a)  The missionaries are putting to much Pressure (부담) on the ward and its members by asking for food, meals, or training lessons from them.  (b)  They will no longer be providing food for us, because of point (a).  Our ward mission leader was sitting with our zone leaders and said this was a bunch of bologna, that they should be doing these things for us anyways!  Right before the meeting concluded our ward mission leader got up and said "The missionaries are going to be giving more 부담 from now on!"  And then sat down.  Members were mad, but the bishop was on our side and he thinks its a good idea.  Anyways, we will see how this all works out.  Our ward mission leader is an RM who served here in Korea and knows how tough it is and such, so he fights hard for us and has definitely had a change of spirit these last couple of weeks and has become more involved in our work!  


Misc other things have happened throughout this week that Ill give the highlights of:

1. Me and Elder Smith met with a man who had a very small amount of interest.... Turns out he wanted us to come over and help him correct his thesis for a journal.  We agreed for some service and then started seeing the irony in this when he brought out a thesis on different types of Green teas and something he called "Mind Control Tea' or "Self Control Tea".  Definitely weird, and then he showed us the Journal and it was the Korean National Tea Society....  We helped for a half an hour and then had dinner with him, where he then started drinking green tea, and some alcohol!  We explained the word of wisdom about 4 times and eventually gave up, he wasnt getting it.  

2.  For the probably 5th time almost saw someone die by bus, the crosswalks for bus stops are super thin and people are always on their phones and not paying attention so I have seen quite a few people step out into traffic and almost die!  

3.  The flowers are starting to bloom around town and its starting to look a lot nicer!  Pictures to come!


Hope everyone at home is doing well and having a great time!  Missionary work is definitely fun and we have a blast every day.  Every night we sit down trying to figure out where the time went!  If my mission speeds up any more im going to be praying soon and getting ready for my return home!  Im almost to four months!  1/6 of the way done!  Wow it goes by fast!  


Well I hope everyone has an awesome week and is safe and sees the blessings of the lord in their lives, I know he blesses mine every single day! 


갑자기 외국인 out!!!!!




-Elder Yamagata
Me Street boarding this past week!  

My board at the end of the night!

Us and the Tea man!

The cupcakes we made to celebrate St Patricks day!  They were a little late...

Me and Elder Smith about to dig in!

The deranged cupcake maniac!

Icing mustache!  

The bugs have been starting to come out.... it was much bigger than the coin while alive!

Us trying to make rice.... those are bugs.....

Language study!  So much to get done!

Me and Mr and Mrs Choi!  #Bookofmormon

The flowers are starting to bloom!


My book of mormon after three days of language study!!! Only on verse 12!

Me and elder smith walking down through Main street ilsan in Jungbalsan at night going home, a little glimpse of the night time here!

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  1. Hey Elder Yamagata! It sounds like you're doing some great work out there! I hope that you continue to find successes as you serve the Lord. You are definitely gaining some invaluable experience, not only through your service in the mission, but in your observations of the Church leadership in the field! Keep on working hard and loving the people! Love ya!