Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 2 in Korea!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Wow this week has been crazy!  So many things going on and not a lot of time to do them! 


So first off at the conclusion of email from last week we found this shop that sells suits for 20 bucks!  I didnt buy any but total in the house theres 7 new suits!  Haha they may not be good quality but they dont need to be for missionaries!  Afterwards we went to the Bathhouse!  Wow that stuff is crazy!  Definitely a new and interesting experience.  After that we kinda just chilled out and come home, ate dinner and then went Proselyting for a couple of hours!  So much fun! 

Tuesday wasnt really exciting but wednesday was definitely crazy!  We had Zone Training and it was intenese.  Talked about receiving revelation through church attendance.  Some powerful stories and testimonies were shared and we even found out that one of the sisters in our zone is best friends with one of the olympic bobsledders!  But it made me and the rest of the missionaries there pumped to go out and start working even harder to bring people unto the gospel.  Later that day me and elder smith had our First Appointment with a man named Jin Oo.  I dont have access to a korean keyboard right now so I cant spell it properly.  Anyways we met him at a sushi bar (in this area its not very common to teach people in their homes for a while) and we just had dinner and got to know him better.  Hes a really cool guy, and eventually we led into our church and our message.  He sat through all of it and asked really good questions that we answered as best as we could, it was in english thankfully!  We committed him to read Moroni 10:3-5 and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true.  He accepted eagarly and we both bore our testimonies!  What an amazing experience!  The spirit was incredibly strong!  I have good feelings about him, and hopefully he can stay on as our investigator for a while.  Unfortunately here in Kroea, Males have mandatory Army Service for 2 years once they graduate high school.  Regardless of if there going to college or not!  Its crazy and he has to go in soon so we are hoping to teach him before he has to report! 

On friday me and elder smith went on exchanges with Elders Chisholm and Rhodes, our zone leaders.  I went with elder rhodes and he taught me a lot about effective study times and how to make the best of it.  It was inspiring and makes me want to study more and learn more about the gospel and the basic principles of it to really strengthen my testimony.  I want to be fully converted to the gospel always and have an unshakeable testimony!  Later on in the day when we went out he made me Proselyte alot and made me do it on my own, barely helping me.  I struggled but started figuring out how to do it and what to say.  Its definitely harder in another language!  He also helped me put more emotion into my speech, I guess when everyone starts speaking korean they lose emotion in their voices and so he had to help me put some back in.  Hahaa never thought I would need that! 

Church this week was cool, but all of the missionaries were so tired from the week we started falling asleep during meetings and being awoken by members hahaha.  Its super hard staying awake and I feel asleep about 7 times in one meeting!  But afterwards we went home and studied and planned for the next day.  Definitely the day of rest some of us needed! 



Well I hope everyone at home is having a great week and was able to enjoy yesterday and all the days of the week.  As Im out here I realize how hard missionary work is, and how much I have need of being humbled.  I have been since I've been out here, but sometimes I still feel my pride coming out and soon enough I am humbled again.  I have found a lot of strength through Christ and I know that he gives us strength and power that no normal person can have.  He gives us so many blessings to bless the lives of others and help them come unto him.  There's no way that we could pay him back for everything that he gives us, but being in the service helps!!!!


I love everyone at home and I pray daily that the lord will bless each and every one of you as you come unto him and ask him for help daily!!!!  Miss all of you and love you!!!!!


-Elder Yamagata
Me and Elder Kaufusi, One of our APS, hes almost 7 foot!

The Marathon park in Ilsan, the Buildings in the background are all apartments

Selfies for days!

Me at the Park with the massive lake in the background!

Our ward building after sacrament

The only place in the world that still has this cereal!

Almost all of the buildings are apartments!

You cant even see the End of the park!

All the missionaries in our ward meeting with our Ward Mission Leader

And another one getting ready for a picture with our English Class coordinator

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