Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas To Everyone in the Family!!!!!! I miss all of you soo much! But I wouldn't want to spend Christmas Eve/Day with anyone but my family here at the MTC.  The Spirit is definitely strong this holiday season!  I will write the details from these past couple days in my next big email as I only have a few minutes to be on right now. 

As this day comes and goes (go's?) I want everyone in the family to remember the real reason why we are celebrating this great day! The Birth of the Savior of the world is a tremendous thing for which we should all be grateful.  His birth, life, and death showed us what we can be when we become perfected after this life.  More importantly, we should be grateful for his atoning sacrifice that gives all of us the ability to have eternal life and eternal families!  It is because of him that me and many others in the world are leaving our families for a short time, so others can be together for eternity.  So during this amazing day that we spend with family and friends, I challenge all of you to take a second and remember the real reason we are celebrating this day, and then get on your knees and thank Heavenly Father for the greatest gift anyone could ever give you.

I miss all of you so much and I cant wait to spend Christmas in Korea and another here at home!  I am so thankful for the Lord and His atoning sacrifice.  I am thankful for this gospel and the opportunity it brings all of us to be together forever.  I know this church is true, and my testimony grows each day as I learn of the Lords hand in everything!  Have a Merry Christmas and be safe!


Elder Yamagata

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